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Fengmi Aiqiyi jointly launched the first industry-wide software and hardware inspection on-demand cinema products

On August 30, 2019, the national on-demand cinema operation management information system of the National Film Industry Development Special Fund Management Committee Office publicized the first screening equipment that passed the test on its official website. At this point, the Wemax One laser projector, which is produced by Fengmi Technology and jointly launched by Fengmi Technology and iQiyi, has become the industry’s first hardware device through software billing system and hardware projection standard.

Listed company blessing, leading position in the vertical sector

This product comes from Fengmi Technology. Fengmi Technology has the blessing of laser technology from the first batch of listed companies in the A-share Science and Technology Group.

According to the data of Aowei Cloud Network, the laser cinema series products such as Wemi and Wemax produced by Fengmi Technology ranked first in the industry in 2018, and were well received and recognized by users.

Offline entertainment fast consumption upgrades, demand for on-demand cinemas came into being

Due to the increasing consumption of terminal entertainment experience in the offline market, there is a new form of development of offline entertainment experience from 2018 to 2019, from the online and offline access to the doll machine to the continuous entry of commercial real estate K songs. The hall, and then more and more VR, AR immersed in the experience of large-scale game consoles, all reflect the growing demand for entertainment under the fragmented timeline. In response to the problems of poor traditional cinema environment, mutual interference caused by audience communication, and low content selectivity, the demand for on-demand cinema has emerged. In 2019, a large number of audio-visual enterprises were engaged in the layout of the on-demand cinema field, and the launch of this type of audio-visual terminal hardware equipment was mainly to meet the growing demand for family viewing, small group viewing, and party viewing.

ALPD Laser Projection
ALPD Laser Projection

Quantitative change brings qualitative change, leading from industry accumulation

According to Mr. Lai Yongsai, CEO of Fengmi Technology, relying on the accumulation of film and television content, copyright protection, software and hardware research and development, and safety certification, Fengmi and Iqiyi have been jointly researching and developing and debugging for several months. The ALPD 3.0 laser technology and Texas Instruments TI DLP digital light processing technology, which are widely used in the National Laser Hall, make this product with true colour reproduction and cinema-level viewing experience the first to pass the test and come out. This projector with cinema-grade laser technology not only provides a more spectacular viewing experience for the audience in front of the screen but also has a long life of more than 25,000 hours, which can be used for 8 hours per day for offline audio-visual cinemas. Stable operation for at least 8 years.

Laser projection has become a trend, and it is imperative to standardize on-demand hospitals

According to the China Film Distribution Association’s “2018 China Film Market Report” data, as of the end of 2018, more than 23,400 laser film projection equipment have been installed in more than 60,000 theatres in the city’s cinemas. With a coverage rate close to 40%, the rapid development of ALPD technology has greatly improved the quality of film screenings. The iQI peak laser Wemax One laser projector is the application of ALPD technology in small on-demand cinema projection equipment. At the same time, together with iQiyi’s on-demand cinema billing system, it has greatly improved the poor projection equipment in the current on-demand cinema market, the uneven quality of the screening, the safety protection and technical indicators difficult to standardize.

Tao Yi, vice president of Aiqiyi, said that the first batch of seven pilot provinces and cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Sichuan have been accelerating as determined by the National Film Board’s Notice on the Pilot Project of On-Demand Cinemas and On-Demand Cinemas. Promoting the standardized development of on-demand cinemas and on-demand cinemas, the cooperation between Fengmi Technology and iQiyi will coincide with the time, and will provide a cost-effective solution for the standardization and high-quality development of national on-demand cinemas. From now on, the two sides will also launch preferential cooperation in the above-mentioned seven pilot provinces and cities, preferably some on-demand cinemas and studios, to help high-quality on-demand cinemas move toward a higher development platform and contribute to the healthy development of the industry.

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