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Facebook to invest around $300 million in content-based startups all over the world

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Facebook is a platform that can offer everything at once. The social media giant has everything in its locker. The company can turn into a super website or a super application if it wants to in a day’s time. The company has its own messaging service, news portals, videos, advertising subsidiary, and most importantly, a social media hub containing 2.3 million users. Facebook also has WhatsApp and Instagram, two of the most popular social media apps at the moment.

The American company is already looking to integrate all the three apps under one roof. This will allow users to message from WhatsApp to Instagram or Messenger. This can happen the other way round as well. That said, the company has a lot of other plans and investing in startups is the one that is making rounds in the news nowadays. The company seems to be keen on investing in content companies that cover daily news.

This might be because the company is looking to enter a disrupted market and create some logic. Facebook is majorly the cause of the disruption as the news outlets have lost credibility and a lot of users due to Facebook. The company has also had a sketchy relationship with the news publishers because the company has changed the norms and laws of traffic dispersion. Apart from this, the advertisements market has also been taken away majorly.

This has caused some problems between the news publishers and the relationship has declined over the years. That being said, Facebook has decided to invest around $300 million in content-based companies and majorly news outlets. This might just be a token of respect and a gesture or might just be to help a major content source from getting extinct.

Facebook is going to help many startups and bring them up the ladder. This is to increase regional content as well. A Facebook spokesperson talked about the same thing to a publication it works with. He said that Facebook works with the entire ecosystem of content in the country. He also talked about how they have partnered with movie studios, TV networks, and various publishers.

He said, “Facebook works with the entire content ecosystem in the country, including a wide variety of partners from movie studios, to TV networks and publishers to celebrities and creators and from large organizations to startups.”

According to Mint, Facebook is looking at various vertical content and is mainly eyeing the startups. It is also looking at a women-oriented news outlet POPxo. Priyanka Gill, the founder of POPxo denied that her company has any discussion with Facebook but did not deny the interest. She told Mint, “All major social media platforms engage with other digital platforms and publishers on a regular basis. We are not in any specific talks at the present.”

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