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Facebook to become a messaging fortress according to Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook scratched off

Facebook is a social media company that has been grilled for reasons it shouldn’t be. It has been in the firing line for the past two years. The company has gone through a living hell when it comes to regulations and privacy. It is still doing handsome business but the money is not Mark Zuckerberg’s problem anymore. It is the problems that are being created by his company. He cannot really wrap his head around the privacy issues Facebook is having.

Facebook is turning out to be a place for people to find out things about other people which should be a secret. As Economic Times put it, ‘A social media company turned into a surveillance system’. Facebook is finding it extremely hard to put an end to the saga of privacy. In the past two years, there have been allegations such as helping Russia to power their propaganda, letting other companies enter private chats, providing data to campaign management companies and what not.

Mark Zuckerberg had to answer the lawmakers for twos straight days and in that grueling duel, nothing significant happened that changed the way Facebook operated. That said, data harnessed by Facebook is unreal and the amount of information that is there on its platform is also beyond our imagination. That is the reason why there needs to be a system that creates transparency.

Talking about it, Mark is now working towards making Facebook a messaging fortress. It is going to integrate a lot of features which will be different from its current messaging service. To name one, Mark is looking at Snapchat’s service of messages, Snapchat deletes messages the moment they are seen. The same thing will be taken into Facebook.

There were rumors about this, however, Zuckerberg talked about this in his blog. He was talking with a lot of investors and telling them his plans. Facebook might become a lot safer even if they encrypt the current messaging system they have. Facebook, however, will use the same advertising system on their messaging platforms as well.

Advertisements are Facebook biggest revenue makers. This year, advertisements are going to rope in $67 billion in revenue for Facebook. There is a huge General Election that awaits and the numbers will skyrocket during that time. Showing ads in private chats while offering encryption will provide another option to make money in billions.

Zuckerberg said in his interview with AP, “If you think about your life, you probably spend more time communicating privately than publicly. The overall opportunity here is a lot larger than what we have built in terms of Facebook and Instagram.”

It will be interesting to see as to how Facebook goes about its business after making such changes to its operations at the moment. However, this is going to be a layer above its existing business and is not going to replace the Facebook we have now. But messaging is the way forward for Zuckerberg and co.

-Unmesh Phule


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