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Facebook hard at work curbing abusive content as General Elections lingers around the corner

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Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to social media. It has managed to create a monopoly by buying its competitors and the company does not fail at all. That said, the company has tried and tested a lot of things in the past and it has more often than not succeeded. In India, the company is fighting a battle of elections and with the parties, it is also in the line of fire. The Indian authorities are not letting loose on Facebook as it is hard at work.

The biggest elections in the history of India is around the corner and Facebook is also working relentlessly. The company is taking down almost 1 million abusive content off its website almost every single day. This is insane amounts of work and the company is trying to curb the misinformation, fake news, hate speech and anti-secular mentions from its website.

That being said, Facebook India’s Managing Director mentioned about this problem and the work Facebook is doing in his blog post. He said that planning and assessment were needed for the same and Facebook with more than dozen teams started planning for the elections 18 months ago. This helped the teams curb the problems more than anything else.

He wrote, “The findings allowed us to concentrate our work on key areas, including blocking and removing fake accounts; fighting the spread of misinformation; stopping abuse by domestic actors; spotting attempts at foreign meddling, and taking action against inauthentic coordinated campaigns.” Mohan also talked about structure and how it helps the company do its work with ease.

The blog post read, “This structure helps strengthen our global coordination and speed our response times, adding another layer of defense against false news, misinformation, hate speech, and voter suppression.” The company is not only doing this in one language but is also looking in eight other languages. Facebook is using artificial intelligence to identify such messages and act on it.

He said, that the content removed is not done one by one but is done in bulk which helps the company do it better and faster. “This dramatically reduces its ability to spread. We continue to expand on this initiative, adding 24 new languages — including 16 for India — to our automatic translation system,” Mohan wrote in his blog post.

Ajit also talked about the turmoil that takes place during elections. There are millions of people expressing their opinions and not everyone is doing it politely. Even the normal accounts turn violent and the opinion turns into threats and abuses. This is where the company needs to enter and stop this from spreading.

“During elections, times of conflict or political turmoil, these accounts can be at higher risk of threats and abuse, so we help them learn how to be proactive and look for signals that their accounts could be harmed,” Mohan opined.

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