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Facebook erases data of around 450 million people from Amazon servers

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Facebook is one of those companies that everybody is trying to take down because it is undoubtedly the best in the business. The company faces some serious allegations almost every other day. It has quite become routine for Mark Zuckerberg to answer to the lawmakers and their questions which don’t really qualify to be answered. That being said, Facebook is also at fault and what it is going through is justified.

It is not only the Cambridge Analytica scandal that comes to mind when we talk about Facebook but also things like it allowing third-party companies to read your private messages in the name of personalization. Then eating up the news publishers market and then leaving them for dead, the other things such as keeping passwords of around 20,000 accounts in readable formats. These are just some of the things from the top of my head.

That being said, the company has been having a lot of problems when it comes to privacy and data localization. The company has been trying to bring WhatsApp Pay, the payments option in WhatsApp to the Indian people but the only thing that has halted everything is data localization. There is some problem with its data storage that is not letting Facebook off the hook.

Talking about data, Facebook recently removed data of 450 million people from Amazon’s server. Data such as likes, shares, comments, their general activity, even emails, and passwords were stored on an Amazon server. This was brought to notice by UpGuard’s Cyber Risk team which mentioned in a blog post that Cultura Colectiva had used an Amazon Server to save data of Facebook of over 450 million people on the servers.

Cultura Colectiva, a Mexico City-based News website tried to defend itself and came out with a statement of itself. The statement read, “Neither sensitive nor private data, like emails or passwords, were amongst those because we do not have access to that kind of data, so we did not put our users’ privacy and security at risk. We are aware of the potential uses of data in current times, so we have reinforced our security measures to protect the data and privacy of our Facebook fan pages’ users.”

It could be said that the policies of Facebook deny using such data and storing them. With that being said, the company should also take care of people not doing it and if they do, a penalty should be in place. There should be some policy for the next step as well. Amazon, amongst all these allegations and drama, decided to stay quiet.

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