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EShiksa to raise funds for the sake of expansion in India and beyond


India has always struggled with literacy. There have been numerous efforts to increase the number of schools. Those efforts are nurturing into something big slowly and steadily as more and more Indians understand the need for education. Once, a country of wealth and knowledge, India lost its shine over time, however, it is gaining it back with knowledge and education along with digitization.

The digitization of the country is very important. There are various plans which the government put forward for the digitization of India and they are now coming to fruition. That said, eShiksa is another such platform that is helping India get digitized and get educated at the same time. A startup which was founded in 2013 but took two years to enter the market is one of its kind startups.

The company is still in the seed funding stage and has had a lot of angel investors invest in the company. The company has earned almost 5 Cr from angel investors. That said, the platform is looking to raise funds for expansion to Indonesia and Dubai as well. The services it offers are very unique. The company digitizes an entire school from its content, to fees, to admissions and even all HR activities of the school.

Apart from this, it offers the students and their parents to pay fees through their applications. The portal of eShiksha has around 30 modules which cover all the departments of the schools and helps manage the learning of students of over 900 schools and colleges. The service eShiksha Pay plan is supposedly free for everyone. For the advance product, it charges a maximum INR 300 while for its standard product it charges a maximum of INR 200.

Vinit Parik, who happens to be the director and even an angel investor of eShiksa said that the platform is rapidly growing across the country. The network created is also huge and will help the company to expand in the other parts of the country. He also pointed out that the company is looking to create more and more funds in the future so that they could speed up the process of expansion.

“Eshiksa is growing rapidly and has created a great network of association to expand the services to different parts of the country and we are looking to raise more funds in the coming days to fuel the expansion programme,” Parik said in an interview with Inc42.

The company’s user base stands at 500 thousand at the moment. It is also looking to acquire 10 thousand students more in the coming year or so. The company’s INR 365 Cr gross transaction value needs to be increased according to Pravin Sharma, the co-founder of eShiksa. The company plans to reach INR 100 Cr per month in the next year or so.

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