Elon Musk Throws 10 Kms Hyperloop Challenge In 2020

SpaceX Hyperloop

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to take the annual Hyperloop Challenge to the next level. Hyperloop founder Musk on 22nd July took to twitter to announce the latest change in the Hyperloop Challenge for next year. ” Next year’s @Hyperloop competition will be in a 10km vacuum tunnel with a curve” Musk posted.

Mr. Musk’s announcement follows the latest speed competition, in which the Technical University of Munich set a new record for the fourth year running.

Its pod reached 463km/h (288mph) on the current test tube in the US, which runs for 1.6km straight.

Mr. Musk said the new vacuum tube would be curved

That’s a big change and one that is unclear how and where SpaceX will make happen, given that the current test tunnel can support likely an additional “200 meters” according to Boring Company President Steve Davis speaking at this year’s Hyperloop Pod Competition finals earlier on Sunday.

Elon Musk also entertained the possibility of starting a new engineering competition around The Boring Co.’s main mission: Tunneling.

“We could maybe do a tunneling competition, that might be good, We’ll consider a tunneling competition.” Musk said.

Mr. Musk’s ventures have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible and much foreseeable. Space X with its exploring missions to Mars, while his The Boring Company is looking to build tunnels underneath Los Angeles, and the marquee  Hyperloop project aims to rethink and reinvent traveling experience for us.

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