Edible Drones for Disaster Relief

Natural disasters are deadly and during a disaster, the most important thing that people can do to help those affected is to send in help in the form of foods, freshwater, clothing, medicines, and so on. Since food is a perishable item and it is the first thing that gets wasted or finished, it becomes the priority to send in food items as soon as possible.

Windhorse Aerospace has created a drone named Pouncer that is supposed to carry food within itself. The wings can be stuffed with food items and grains that can be used by the affected people. Similarly, the wings and other body parts can be deconstructed and used as fuel or shelter. The innovative idea seems a lifesaver and the company claims that one Pouncer drone equals to 50 lives saved. The designed has been sent in for patent clearance and soon we can see such lifesaving drones flying into the disaster affected areas.

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