Doors opened to the largest e-commerce platform in India. Hiring spree in Flipkart amidst resignations

Flipkart is the largest e-commerce player in India and its acquisition of 77% stake by Walmart has been one of the largest in Indian e-commerce history. It is going to be in the news for a long time. However, this time the company is facing a different kind of a problem. There has been a massive resignation spree in the company over allegations of sexual misconduct by some of the higher officials.

Recently, the CEO, Binny Bansal left along with a few other top-tier personnel. The void created must be filled as soon as possible for the smooth functioning of the company. Backing on the huge financial capabilities of Walmart, Flipkart is on a hiring spree to fill the gaps created by the resignations in quick succession. Currently, Kalyan Krishnamurthy is the acting CEO of Flipkart.

According to reports, the company is looking forward to hiring talents in its supply chain management, technology, marketing, Human Resource and Product sectors. Flipkart is known for its high pay and retention of its talented employees and thus it can be assumed that the pay for these positions will be sky high. It is also speculated that the pay of the top officials will be above INR 5 crore per annum. Past records show that Flipkart tends to keep talented people by giving the high payments.

The position for the Chief Human Resource Officer has been vacant for the last one an half years. This will be filled by Smriti Sing from December 2018. She was earlier working with Sony pictures, India and is now going to work closely with Kalyan Krishnamurthy. This move is to pacify the hiring spree that the company is embarked upon.

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