Does Samsung Really Perform Well With Flagships In India? Find Out Here

Samsung S10 phones featured at the launch

Samsung is a company which has created its own identity over a period of time. There was a time when the company fed off Apple and its popularity. It did so by mocking the company and its methods when it first came into the market. There was a time when the world saw how bad the business was for Samsung and now it is at the helm of almost every market. The journey has not been a simple one but it is there for all of us to witness.

Samsung’s struggle started with features phones and ended with smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy devices are the reason why Samsung’s fortunes took a turn for better. That is the reason why the world started to notice Samsung because it competed with the best. Apple and Samsung is not the battle of today or yesterday it is the battle from the yesteryears. Samsung set the trend back then with new innovative phones, it is doing the same now. Apple followed its ideology then and it is doing the same now.

However, the battle is there for us to witness. It is still happening. Samsung comes out with something outrageous while Apple tries to win over people with its software and classy designs. That being said, the South Korean company is now winning the battle with all-around performance and in every innovation. However, the high-end phones of Samsung might not be affordable to all and even if they are, do they perform well in the price-sensitive countries like India? Let us find out.

Samsung in India

To Know Samsung and its domination in India, one must know that dominance is not because of the flagship phones but because of the budget phones. Given that India is a price-sensitive country, the prices of the phones matter more than the brand of the phone. This is where the company needs to focus if it wants to succeed in India. However, Samsung has its high-end phones in India as well. And the performance of these high-end phones is nothing similar to the budget phones.

That being said, it does not mean that they perform badly but given that India has 1.2 billion people and only 300 odd million people use smartphones, the budget phones take away most of those 300 million while the remaining layer of the cream audience is where Samsung wins. This is where it competes with the elites like Apple and Google.

Apple loses in India by far and that is because Samsung offers its flagship for way less than Apple offers. If a person is trying to buy a phone within a range of INR 70 thousand, then the phone that will pop up is Samsung Galaxy S10 and not iPhone XS Max. The reason for this is again the price. That being said, Samsung will never be able to outdo its budget phones market with its flagships in India but it does not mean it is doing badly as well.

The market is rightly balanced for Samsung as it performs outrageously well in India with its budget phones and then has a limited market for its flagship. The most important point out of this is that Samsung manufactures its phones in India. This reduces the price of the phones by a mile and increases the chances of its flagships getting sold in a price-sensitive country like India as well.

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