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Disney’s goldmine in Marvel and a boon for their streaming platform

Mickey Mouse of Disney

Disney is a platform which had characters that resonated more with girls than boys. There were many movies, shows and even cartoons that had girls on their toes and boys just ignore all of it ever existed. However, everything changed when Disney bought Marvel in 2009 post its Iron Man success. Disney always wanted to grab the masculine market that was up for grabs and they did by buying a company that had over 500 such characters.

In 2009, Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion and the rest is history. Marvel has excelled ever since. This move seemed right on all fronts for Marvel which had just produced its first ever film. Iron Man was it’s first ever film financed totally by Marvel. It was a blockbuster as it grossed over $100 million in its first three days, which was a record for a film that was not a sequel.

Marvel always had a huge fan base but today it has the largest fan base in the entire world. The craze for Marvel and its movies is just beyond our imagination. The fact that the latest Avengers Endgame trailer crashed the comments section of YouTube tells us more about the fan base than anything else. A total of 18 movies later, Marvel is now tying the knot to all the loose ends that were hanging since 2008.

However, the idea of Avengers was of a man called David Maisel. He is the man who went to the owners of Marvel in 2003 and told them about his idea of Marvel producing their own movies. It was a time when Marvel was about to sell the rights of Captain America and Iron Man to Warner Bros. This is where they struck gold as they decided against it and took a loan to make their own movies. This decision led them to Iron Man and the deal with Disney and here we are today.

Disney currently sits on a gold mine of 19 movies including the latest Avengers: Infinity War. Disney is coming out with its own streaming platform. If it decides to stream these 18 to 20 movies on its platform, people will subscribe. Avengers Endgame releases in a month’s time and Disney is about to make itself a whole lot of money.

Its OTT platform is not coming out until later this year. However, the company must know how big their platform can get if they could transform some of the characters from Marvel into some originals for their platform. Only time will tell if the company is planning to do so or not. Till then, wait for Avengers: Endgame while watching all the movies leading up to it.

-Unmesh Phule

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