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Deutsche Netzmarketing (DNMG) Joins Hands with Stingray to Offer 4K TV Channels

TCL 55-inch P8E 4K AI Smart Android LED TV

The new technology in the field of the display is 4K, although it is not the latest as there are 8K display technologies available in the market. However, the sky-high prices and the rarity of these make the next best thing i.e. 4K more desirable for the common people. It is now available in most of the TVs including the mid-range televisions from the manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Thomson, TCL and many more. This has shot up the demand for not just 4K enabled TVs but also the need for 4K content. The simple reason behind this is that, having a 4K TV will be of no use until you also have a significant amount of 4K content to watch on that crisp display. This is why 4K content is needed in abundance.

Germany is a country with a high-income level and also a high level of technological advancement. They also have some very good TV manufacturers in the country. However, there were very few 4K contents available in the country. Deutsche Netzmarketing (DNMG) Joins Hands with Stingray to Offer three 4K TV Channels and they are:

  1. Stingray Festival 4K
  2. Stingray Hits 4K
  3. Stingray Ambiance 4K

DNMG is the largest marketing organisation for medium-sized and municipal operators of cable television and Fttx networks in German-speaking countries.

According to Stingray’s website report, its 4K channels offer subscribers a wide selection of entertainment, including concerts, theatre, performances, electrifying DJ sets, and beautiful ballet and opera with Stingray Festival 4K; music videos from today’s biggest stars, indie darlings, and up-and-coming artists with Stingray Hits 4K; and beautiful natural imagery set to pristine nature sounds and tailor-made soundtracks with Stingray Ambiance 4K. These channels will be available on a server in the EQUINIX FR5 data centre in Frankfurt. The operators only need to pick up the signal via their carrier VPN connection from Equinix via a CrossConnect.

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