Dell Premium 27 Inch USB-C Monitor (P2720DC) Review

The Dell 27 USB-C monitor (model number P2720DC) monitor tries to be the happy medium. It’s a 1440p, 27-inch IPS display that wants to impress you with its balance more than its spec sheet. It won’t blow away professional photographers or gamers. Instead, it wants to be the monitor that will please the most people possible. At $360 (down from its original price of $480), it does have something to prove though. Fortunately, it has a trick up its sleeve that keeps it competitive: USB-C docking with power-delivery and daisy-chaining.

Out of the box, you’re greeted with one of Dell’s excellent stands, which screws into the rectangular base from below. You then lower the monitor into place, tilting it forward to snap onto the stand. From there, you have a monitor that has a whole range of adjustments, ranging from height, tilt, swiveling, and rotating to portrait so that it can be adjusted exactly how you see fit.

When it comes to connectivity, Dell has gone the extra mile with its P2720DC. As previously mentioned, this display has USB-C docking, which is helpful in a number of situations. The most notable of these is to connect laptops. The port supports 65 watts of power delivery capability, meaning it can send the video data from your laptop to the monitor, all while charging your laptop. This cable also handles data transfer between your laptop and the monitor’s internal USB hub.

Although the P2720DC might not come with the greatest color reach or fancy factory calibrations, the eyes aren’t left wanting. According to Dell, its IPS panel is rated to offer 1.07 billion colors, along with extremely wide viewing angles, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a rated maximum brightness of 350 nits.

The resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels is also the sweet spot at 27 inches, offering plenty of screen real estate and sharpness. It is possible to jump to 4K at this price but may have to sacrifice the image quality provided by the IPS panel as well as some of this monitor’s niceties.

Dell’s P2720DC is a monitor that under-promises and over-delivers. If you’re a laptop user who needs one or more displays the P2720DC offers all the flexibility in connectivity you could ask for, and the single-cable docking feature offered through USB-C makes switching between home and go a breeze.

The lack of built-in speakers might put some people off, and the lack of a non-Type-C upstream USB port for the internal USB hub makes the display slightly impractical for use with desktops. The P2720DC makes up for it with professional looks and an IPS panel that delivers a pleasant and uniform image. The excellent anti-glare coating is just a cherry on top to make it great for use in well-lit office environments.

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