Data protection is key for every major companies and here’s how they do it

Data is at the center of everything nowadays. Everybody wants data and money might just come in second nowadays. People are understanding the value of user data and many companies are trying splash as much cash as possible. This is a major change in the world and no one is noticing. It was oil before this that the countries and companies were behind, now it is information which is not even physically there for us to see.

This change has brought in some major shake-ups in the world. The crime nowadays is different, it can be committed from behind a computer. It would be extremely hard for anyone who is not aware of such a threat and is not ready for it. The criminals are different and the crime is different. Such is the change in today’s world which is driven by data and also ruled by someone who owns the data.

That said, protection becomes the highest priority for all people. The major problem of protection is faced by companies owning a lot of data. That brings us to the major social media companies. These companies need and also spend a huge amount of money on protecting the data of their users. Everyone feels that social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many others are free but we give our data to them. Basically, we become the product that these companies sell. That is the reason why it is important for such companies to protect the data.

Facebook, Microsoft, Google with many other giants have spent millions of dollars just to protect the data. The facilities are massive because the data is massive. The data centers are heavily protected physically and also cybersecurity is equally beefed up. This is because the companies have to be wary of all kinds of vulnerabilities. There are many things that the companies have to take care of and security if the data is one of the highest priority things.

That said, companies like Google have built custom servers for their data. The company has not outsourced it externally but are managing it themselves. The American giant has also made sure that there are no unwanted hardware or software so that there are fewer possibilities of vulnerabilities. This shows how important it is to protect the data.

Microsoft has deployed a container size data center on the seafloor in Scotland. It has done that so that the people nearby could have safe access to the internet and their data is not stolen and is in maximum security. These data centers have a huge amount of power backups so that in case of a power outage their data centers don’t shut down.

Apart from this if there is a fire or any kind of calamity, Google or any other major company shifts its data access automatically to different data centers. This allows users to work without any disruption or distraction.

That said, the companies are taking major steps to provide security to something which is going to drive this world for decades to come. It is important for us as well to protect ourselves and our data.

-Unmesh Phule

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