Data Analysts are in demand as survey churns out 97,000 vacancies

Analytics written above pencils

India is a country of working class people. The country has 1.3 billion people, second largest in the world. To sum India in two words, it is cosmic chaos. There are a lot of people trying to earn a living, there is a lot of poverty but there is a lot of richness as well. Technology in India is not something which behind by 100s of years. The country is out there and is aware of the world. IT industry in India one of the biggest in the world.

That said, the IT sector in India is one of the best. The growth this sector has seen is immense and there is no denying that. The jobs created by this sector are also in a number which is hard to comprehend. That said, all we can know from this is that technology is the way forward if you want to have work. If you know about technology then you are bound to have a job. The workforce or the manpower needed by companies is on another level.

Data Analysts in India have never been number on the list. However, the scenario has changed and India is looking at a market which has seen a meteoric rise. Now, there are almost 97,000 jobs for analysts. Analytics India Magazine and ed-tech company Great Learning are the companies that came up with that number. The growth in the number of jobs is as high as 45%.

For the first time in many years, the IT industry is going to have a lack of talent issue. There are not enough skilled and talented analysts on the market. The organizations wanting to hire a budding and talented data analyst will struggle as it will be hard for people to find one. There is a sudden change in the job scenario when it comes to data analysts.

Multinational Companies are on a hiring spree when it comes to data analysts. Around 60% of the demand and hiring in the industry right now is because of the MNCs. The MNCs are finding it easy as they have the capital to train the hired candidate. That said, companies like Accenture, KPMG, Honeywell, Wells Fargo, Ernst & Young are the companies that are doing the hiring in India. MNCs, on one hand, is hiring a lot of analysts and client-owned and operating service-based businesses, on the other hand, are hiring a lot less.

This tells us that job for technological jobs in the country is only going to increase. The number of jobs for data analysts will only find a way up and nothing will hit the rock for decades to come. Like mentioned before, it is hard to not find a job when you are a techie in a country like India. Jobs are aplenty, skills on offer are, however, average.

-Unmesh Phule

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