Cuba taste the alcohol the world is high on called internet

The rise of the internet from the early 2000s to now is a sensation in itself. It has been one of the most amazing things to have happened to humankind. It has brought the world closer and connected it better than ever before. However, there is also a downside to this like every good thing has. The internet is a boon for everyone but its use has been extensive in the last years.

Wherever one goes, however one is, there are people with their small screens lit and heads collapsed into it. That is the literal condition of the world right now, no exaggeration intended. That is the majority of the world in the previous statement. Now the minority of the world is exactly opposite to this. This is where there are nations which have either banned internet or have no infrastructure whatsoever to get connected to the world.

The countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Senegal, Mali and many other are the countries where there is a population of less than 20% that has access to the internet. However, one such country is going to taste the internet on their mobile phones for the very first time. Cuba, a Caribbean Island, with communist rule, has assured its 11.5 million population full internet access to mobile phones.

This is a huge stage of development for Cuba as it rose meteorically in the wake of the former US President Barack Obama. However, things were quite slow since Donald Trump took the office. Even then, it has managed to continue its growth. Its growth percentage as disclosed by the Cuban government is about 1% by the end of October which is less compared to the 2% that was forecasted.

Mayra Arevich, the ETECSA (Cuban State Telecom Monopoly) president said that Cubans can start using 3G internet on their mobiles phones from today. He went on national television to inform the world about it. Cuba has had 3G internet facility in the cities for some time now, however, they were only accessible to foreign businessmen or tourist or government officials.

The island had only a state-run internet cafes from 2013 until last year when they installed hundreds and thousands of Wi-Fi spots in plazas and parks all around the island along with home internet as well. That said, the internet is not a completely new thing for Cuba, it has been around for a while. The only difference is now that people can use it on their personal devices.

The prices of the 3G services are aligned with the global market of the same. Every megabyte will cost 10 cents. Like always, there are 600 megabytes to 4 gigabytes costing from $7 to $30 respectively. This is quite cheap for a United States citizen but for a Cuban, their average monthly income is $30. This tells that not all the Cubans would be privileged with the internet.

Vice president of ETECSA, Tania Velazquez said that the 3G service will go online in a total of three days ranging from Thursday to Saturday. This is for avoiding the congestion that occurred on numerous occasions during the tests held last year.

– Unmesh Phule


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