Ctrip and Meituan May Lift Ban on Oyo


Oyo is India’s largest hospitality company founded in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal. It is the fastest growing network of hotels in India which is expanding to other countries as well. India is its mother soil, which has now expanded to China, Malaysia, Nepal, UAE, and Indonesia.

Oyo in China

Oyo is now the second largest hotel chain in China. Within the span of 18 months, Oyo, an Indian startup has already occupied 320 cities with nearly 10,000 Oyo-branded hotels with 450,000 rooms.

After India, China is the second country where Oyo has the strongest grip. Oyo in India has 1, 73,000 rooms and in China, 3, 20,000 rooms. China is a bigger market for Oyo than India. Without Qianyu, which is a mid-scale hotel brand and as well as a competitor to Oyo, Oyo has acquired over 3.2 lakh franchises and leased rooms across 7,000 hotels in 290 Chinese cities. Obtaining Qianyu would take that number to 4.5 lakh rooms in China, making Oyo the most successful hotel chain in China.

Advantages and Disadvantages

According to Global Travel News, Ctrip and Meituan are about to lift the ban on Oyo. China has always been very protective about its market, economy which has helped the Chinese economy to grow rapidly. Now, that Oyo has become the second largest hotel chain in China, it would for the benefit of Ctrip and Meituan if they lift the ban that has been imposed on Oyo. There would absolutely be no harm to Oyo even if the ban is not lifted. But that may have an impact on Ctrip and Meituan. Oyo started with just 10 people in China but now, every today it acquires at least 3 properties every hour. Oyo is in a growing phase in China where it has obtained almost 7,000 hotels. Now that the facts and figures have already been stated, it would be of a huge benefit for Ctrip and Meituan if they allow Oyo to enter their platform as it would increase the number of visitors on their website. It would also increase the number of hotels that have been listed on their website which will help in giving more options to the users that will eventually increase the revenue to these two platforms. Oyo is preferred for more reasons like cheaper rooms, discounts, better services, etc. Oyo already has obtained a large part of China’s hotel services, collaboration with Ctrip and Meituan will benefit both the parties but Ctrip and Meituan will have a greater benefits with this partnership.

Searching for Oyo on these two platforms can bring the same impact as searching for brands such as Home Inn, Hanting and so on. In the end, it is a business which will be initiated for the mutual growth and mutual profit but considering the growth speed of Oyo, an alliance with these two platforms would bring more prosperity to Ctrip and Meituan than it would bring to this Indian giant hotel chain as it is already an established in China now.


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