Club Factory raises its bar as it competes with Myntra

The Indian market for any kind of businessman is an opportunity right now. It doesn’t matter if there are big players established in the market or not if you offer the right price and the quality, the Indian audience will accept you with open arms. This has always been the case with India, it doesn’t care where you come from it just looks at the product, the price and that is all. Unlike other countries, India accepts each and everything that is meant to sell. That is the reason why foreign companies find India as their second home.

Chinese companies also have a special relationship with India. There are so many Chinese companies which are flourishing and doing better on the Indian soil. Xiaomi is one example which flourished in India. It literally demolished the smartphone market with its aggressive pricing and is now the largest smartphone seller in the country. That said, there is a similar trend noticed in the fashion market. This time it is the e-commerce that the Chinese are conquering.

E-commerce has been mostly dominated by Indian-origin Flipkart and the American Amazon. The fashion industry is also dominated by the subsidiaries of Flipkart that is Myntra and Jabong. That said, there is competition for those websites. The word competition is perfect here as Club Factory is making a market for themselves. They have already created 12% space in the phones of people in India. The market share is also being shared rapidly amongst three websites now if not four. That is because Club Factory is doing to fashion industry what Xiaomi did to the smartphone industry.

Club Factory started as Analytics Company where it made contact with over 100,000 manufacturers and suppliers and used the same thing to put up their website. Club Factory is installed on 12.18% of smartphones as of November 2018. Its growth is outstanding, to say the least. The staggering fact is that it is second in all of India in terms of popularity and is second to Myntra which has been around for more than a decade now. Club Factory entered India in 2016.

That said, Club Factory sells a lot of women-oriented products and at a very aggressive price tag. And given the mentality of the Indian market, they have risen to popularity. India is Club Factory’s largest market. 40 million of the 70 million users of Club Factory are from India. The application has around 8 million products for sale and adds around 10,000 products almost every single day. It receives almost 25,000 orders every single day and has around 500 employees.

The Indian fashion e-retail market is going to be a mountain in the recent future. It is going to reach a figure of $150 billion by the year 2022 and Club Factory is aiming for a larger share of the same. It is working extremely hard and is on the right path.

-Unmesh Phule

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