Cloud Tech Major Oracle Joins Hands with Software Giant Microsoft to take on Internet Goliath Amazon

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Technology is moving fast and it is moving to the cloud. Earlier, huge sets of data and other information were needed to be saved on large storage devices. However, that is now changing with the arrival of fast internet which is getting faster by the day. The cloud-based storage is basically storage at a remote location but is accessible to the user from anywhere on the planet with the help of internet.

The largest player in the market right now is Amazon with its Amazon Web Services. However, a much smaller player is getting up to the game to challenge the leader and its name is Oracle. The people involved with technology must have heard the name of Oracle at some point in time. It is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship product, a relational database management system (RDBMS) that’s formally called Oracle Database. It is very popular in the technology world.

Like many businesses in the tech industry, Oracle is also entering the cloud business. Interestingly, Oracle is aiming to have more Cloud Regions than Amazon. Currently, it has 16 hyper-scale regions around the world. Microsoft’s Azure leads the race with 50 cloud regions far ahead of Amazon Web Services which has around 20 cloud regions. Interestingly, Oracle has partnered with Microsoft to rival Amazon in the cloud sector.

Oracle is offering its Oracle Digital Assistant to work with the Microsoft Team that will be made available to the Microsoft 365 customers. These customers will also get access to the Oracle Cloud Applications through Conversational Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, the enterprise customers can use the Oracle Cloud through AI Voice Assistant that would help them transform their workflows and save time.

According to the Economic Times report citing Oracle CTO Larry Ellison, all the Oracle regions are running the Oracle services. Therefore, in all the 16 regions, one can find NetSuite and Fusion applications. In all 16 of those regions, Oracle Analytics Cloud and the Autonomous Database can also be found. These make Oracle an alluring proposition for most users.

As more and more businesses are shifting to cloud computing for the most advanced as well as the very basic tasks, the need for enterprise-level cloud computing will rise by the day. This is where cloud tech majors can really capitalize and transform modern businesses.

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