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Chinese Way to Become a Global Laser Display Technology Maker

Global Laser Display Technology

Who can become the leader of the fourth generation of display technology and who is the mainstay of LCD, OLED and laser TV?

The answer was officially announced on September 19, 2019 at the “First Global Laser Display Technology and Industry Development Forum” held in Qingdao, China, where nearly 100 laser display companies from around the world met for the first time.

Participants are industry experts and scholars, colour TV companies that have been researching in the laser industry for many years, and upstream and downstream companies in the laser industry. In particular, well-known companies from Japan and the United States that are researching and popularizing laser technology, their consensus with Chinese companies is that laser display technology will be the world’s fourth-generation display technology leader.

The first forum has far-reaching significance. Laser display technology is also the first subversive innovation technology dominated by Chinese companies to control the voice of the industry chain, highlighting the technological strength and technical reserve thickness of Chinese companies in the laser display industry-leading the world. Laser TV is now irreversible and the trend is rolling forward.

From 12 years ago (2007) to open the pioneering road of laser TV, by 2014 Hisense launched the world’s first 100-inch laser TV; from the national development strategy “13th Five-Year Plan”, the laser display as a new generation The first in the field of new display technology, 20 companies joined the laser TV camp five years ago, and China’s laser display technology with its own core technology continues to create a global miracle.

Why can China become a global laser display technology maker?

Zhou Houjian, Chairman, Hisense
Zhou Houjian, Chairman, Hisense

(Wei Xin Group Chairman Zhou Houjian)

China’s ability to become a global laser display technology developer stems from seven aspects:

  1. China’s laser display patent technology is the world’s largest. At present, China has applied for and authorized more than 7,000 laser display patents, accounting for more than 50% of the global laser display patents. China was selected as the convener of the IEC-TC110 laser display working group, leading and participating in the formulation of a number of IEC international standards.


  1. 20 companies entered the market in a short period of time, and the industry reached a consensus. From 2014, Hisense produced the first 100-inch laser TV to 2019, and in just five years, 20 companies joined the laser TV camp. The consensus reached by these companies is that the next leader in display technology can become an industry leader. Must come from laser display technology.


  1. Laser TV sales and future expectations confirm the attitude of the market. According to Zhongyikang data, in 2018, sales of laser TVs increased by 483.23% year-on-year; in the first half of 2019, sales of laser TVs over 80% accounted for 58%. The increase in laser TV far exceeds the average increase in the TV industry, and the data is the best answer.


According to a third-party data company survey, the retail sales of laser TVs increased by 483.23% year-on-year in 2018. It is expected that by 2022, the compound annual growth rate of laser TV will reach 92%.


  1. China has full intellectual property rights in laser display technology. Taking Hisense as an example, as a leader in the laser TV industry, Hisense Group has mastered key technologies in laser light source technology, optical engine, and machine manufacturing through independent innovation, and realized all independent production from components to complete machines.


The field has set a new paradigm. This brings great advantages to the long-term development, cost control and technological innovation of laser TV, without being subject to external technical constraints.


  1. Laser TV has obvious cost advantages and has a clear future. Liquid crystal or OLED panel factory equipment and plant investment is huge, for example, an 8.5-generation LCD line investment of up to 25 billion yuan, an 11-generation LCD line investment of up to 46 billion yuan. The production energy consumption is huge, and the industrial chain is long.


On the one hand, the investment risk of the enterprise is intensified, and the price will eventually be passed on to the consumers; on the other hand, because the price of the colour TV changes rapidly, the long cycle and the excessive cost cannot be achieved. Meet the market demand and face the situation of being eliminated. The advantages of laser TV have just cancelled the display screen.


The laser, optical path, lens and screen of laser TV are not dedicated to TV, and the investment is far less than LCD and OLED, and the industrial chain is short. This is a fundamental advantage of the low cost of laser TV.


Once the laser TV opens up the incremental space for popularization, its huge cost, health eye protection, environmental protection and energy-saving advantages will be further released. Costs and labour costs in the shorter industry chain will be significantly diluted. This is an important reason why laser TV has a future.


  1. Laser display technology iteratively leads the world. Hisense is now a global leader in laser display technology. Whether it is the US CES, China AWE or Germany IFA, Hisense Laser TV has become the focus of the spotlight, which stems from Hisense’s continuous technical iteration.


In just five years, the resolution of laser TVs ranged from 2K to 4K, and the light source ranged from monochrome to two-colour to three-colour. The size ranged from 100 inches to 300 inches and then down to75 inches, all of which reflected the rapid development of laser TV.


  1. Laser display technology activates an industry and not just a product. As a leader in laser TV, Hisense has been actively promoting laser TV and hopes that the industry will grow together.

From one product to one industry, from one company to one industry

For more than a decade, Hisense has promoted the development of laser TV and laser display standards, promoted product definitions, promoted industry development standards, and promoted the establishment of a laser TV industry branch in China, enabling member companies to have more technology, products, channels, services, etc. At each level, we will unite and cooperate with each other to promote the rapid spread of the laser TV market.

Mr. Koizaki, general manager of Japan’s Nichia Laser Division, believes that it is now the best time for laser display development. With the continuous expansion of the Hisense Group’s laser display, it has also driven the development of the global laser industry. The true leader is not a person who is flying and flying. He needs to grow the industry together with the attitude of “big brother”. This is not only the declaration of Hisense but also China’s attitude in the global laser display industry.

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