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Chinese TV Giant TCL Sponsors Indian Cricket, Grabs The Great Opportunity

On April 25 of this year, at a five star hotel 5 IPL players graced the event of TCL. When 5 IPL stars appeared on the stage for the new product launch of TCL, the hall was filled with screams, and cheers. Even the name announcement of the players clashed in the uproar. The press conference, which accommodated 400 people, became a boiling point as the five cricket stars stepped into the center of the stage.

“I am particularly happy because these cricket stars are my idols. I will definitely watch them as long as they have their games. You as a Chinese media person may not understand the Indians’ love for cricket, just as Brazilians like football. Nothing can stop our love for cricket.”

At the press conference, Vishal was fortunate to be a member of TCL fans to participate in this new product release, witnessing his idols, which really made him excited for several days. The group that screamed the most, claimed to be the luckiest. Prior to this, in order to give back to fans and loyal users, TCL India selected 30 lucky users from 800 users to participate in the cricket star meeting.

The lucky draw was, arranged only for 800 people, might be small but the effect was enormous.

[BlueTechnology – TCL lucky users take photos with IPL stars]
Cricket sponsorship is not expensive but is right

“When I learned that I was a lucky viewer to participate in this event, I really shouted. I immediately shared this information with my friends on Facebook, they are all happy for me, and even many people envy me. I think that this 800-user campaign to attract lucky users can affect at least 40,000 consumers. The reason is that cricket is more fanciful than imaginary in India, and all cricket-related activities are shared immediately. Vishal said in an interview with Blue Technology.”

As a lucky viewer and TCL user, he estimates that the small event that attracts lucky viewers can affect tens of thousands of people.

According to a survey of Blue Technology in the Indian market, Vishal’s above-mentioned estimates are for three reasons:

First, TCL sponsored cricket events, which boosted its popularity and sales in India;

Second, by sponsoring cricket, user loyalty and willingness to consume of TCL online stores have increased significantly;

Third, the after-sales service has been extended to three years, becoming the first color TV brand in the Indian market that can be guaranteed for 3 years. This is an important force that cannot be ignored to increase sales.

Chen Shikai, general manager of TCL India Branch, said in an exclusive interview with Blue Technology that TCL sponsored cricket activities were not follow-up, but based on in-depth investigation and deep understanding of users. Sponsoring cricket is not expensive, but it is one of the bridges that TCL communicates with users in India. It turns out that since the sponsorship of cricket, TCL’s performance has been obvious to all, exceeding expectations.

Some people say that TCL was “bold”, because there are very few other companies’ activities that could invited cricket stars to participate in different at the same time. Some people say that the audience in the event was “fierce”, and many local Indian media believed that there has been no such high decibel scream before that they have experienced the press release.

Some people say that TCL’s service is “surprising” because it breaks the deadline for after-sales maintenance in the Indian market. In fact, all business model changes are based on consumer insight and business realization. The marketing power of TCL India is more subtle. They don’t sponsor cricket at the most expensive price, but they have achieved the best results.

To measure the marketing effect, in addition to sales, the audience’s mouth publicity plays a very important role. Because of sponsorship of cricket, TCL’s attention, self-dissemination will be more obvious as compared to the past.

At TCL India, they brought users together through local social tools and shared everything about cricket. Jumping out of the TV to talk about cricket, sharing life and fun through cricket, and influenced consumers with a healthy attitude, this was one of the most successful ways for TCL to communicate with users through social tools in India.

[BlueTechnology – Dong Wenjun, Marketing Director of TCL India]
The cricket effect is magnifying

On April 28th, Blue Technology interviewed Croma and Reliance, the two largest home appliance stores in Pune, India, and found that TCL’s sales in India have been rising steadily thanks to TCL-sponsored cricket events and strong performance in 2018.

“A lot of consumers who want to buy Sony, after comparing TCL equivalent models, they will make a decision to purchase TCL TV. The important reason is that TCL TV is guaranteed for three years, which is the only one in India’s color TV industry so far. The brand of the annual warranty. Now, TCL sales are increasing every month.” Reliance salesman told Blue Technology.

[BlueTechnology-Reliance salesperson explaining features of TCL TV]
According to the current situation of the Indian market, TCL sales in India are accelerating in 2019. In addition to the brand spillover effect, giving consumers a three-year warranty has hit consumers’ pain points. It can be said that this is the most aggressive catalyst.

“In the overall marketing process this year, we are paying more attention to the interaction with consumers. Through community marketing, customer insights and prompt implementation of user feedback, we have achieved good results. The year-on-year sales in the first quarter of this year far exceeded.It is expected that sponsoring cricket activities will further amplify the brand value, and the final transmission results will be reflected in the two dimensions of brand and sales.” Dong Wenjun, Marketing Director of TCL India Branch, told Blue Technology.


[Blue Technology] Zhou Han

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