Chinese smartphone companies own the Indian market with 66% share

Xiaomi phones kept side by side

The Chinese invasion of India with their smartphones was highly regarded by the people in the tech industry. The reason for this was that they conquered the market within no time. There were Indian companies operating in the same region but a lot of things converged for the Chinese companies to be successful in India. There were many things that happened along with stars and all the constellations came in one line for the Chinese companies to be successful in India.

Mukesh Ambani launched Jio and disrupted the entire telecom market. He started a 4G revolution, Micromax an Indian company was the leader in the budget segment along with Samsung. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announced demonetization and the sub INR 10 thousand phones lost its entire market. These two things coupled together gave rise to the new 4G market with INR 10 thousand to INR 15 thousand phones. Then came Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus and shattered all the records won awards and hearts and Samsung totally dropped out of the budget market also helped them.

That being said, the Chinese smartphone share in India has hit a record of 66%. There are no other companies from a single country that own a market like this. Xiaomi is the leader of the market with 29% market share as of 2019. The company has been brilliant with its marketing campaigns as well as its products and pricing it intelligently.

Vivo and Oppo have grabbed the weak nerve of the Indian people; cricket. Vivo sponsors the most watched cricket league in the world while Oppo is the sponsor of the Indian national cricket team. They have the name and they have the popularity with those sponsors.

Along with this, the Chinese brands are helped with the rise of the OTT platforms and content consumed online. While Facebook and other things contribute to the need for social media which these phones bring at a smaller cost than before.

Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint has a similar opinion. He thinks that users have been updating their phones faster than before and because of the data consumptions, the premium specifications are coming down to the budget and mid-budget phones faster than ever before.

He said, “Data consumption is on the rise and users are upgrading their phones faster as compared to other regions. As a result of this, the premium specs are now diffusing faster into the mid-tier price brands. We estimate this trend to continue leading to a competitive mid-tier segment in coming quarters.”

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