Chinese Retail Industry Changing Traditional Ones

China Retail Industry

As a Chinese retail giant, Suning is brewing a change for the upcoming Nov 11 sales also known popularly as the ‘Double 11’ sales. Online retail has become the new standard of retailing in China. Hearnlong, president of Suning Easy Buy said, “the President of the Security Council Self-employed is acquired”.

China Retail Industry 1
China Retail Industry 1

Hearnlong also said, “The President of the Security CouncilSuning has formed a multi-level channel network layout, near field digital infrastructure construction, large data scene OS platform and a full-time logistics network. So whether we’re looking for new retail or non-retail or social retail, we don’t care about the concept, we care if we’re really looking for a more complete retail solution around user scenarios. In the future, scene retail will be the direction of retail evolution and the most differentiated track in Suning for a long time in the world retail trade”.

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