Chinese refrigerator industry has experienced an “Off Year” but TCL refrigerators are trending

The Chinese In 2018, China’s refrigerator industry collectively encountered “Off Year”, but only TCL refrigerators became the highlight of the industry, one of the fastest growing white goods brands in the domestic market.

Data shows that as of January-November 2018, the sale of TCL refrigerators increased by 13.7%. In the context of the slowdown in the growth of the domestic appliance market, TCL refrigerators have been adhering to the pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy and innovation for a healthy life, becoming the only highlight in the refrigerator industry in 2018.

How is TCL winning the trend?

– According to China Yikang data, the retail sales of the home appliance market in January-October 2018 were 780.2 billion Yuan with a year-on-year increase of 1.9%. Among them, the retail sales of the refrigerator market were 76.6 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 1.3%; the retail sales of the washing machine market touched 56 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 5.5%.

It is easy to see, China’s refrigerator industry is in the “Off-year” adjustment period in 2018.

Compared to the relatively high growth stage of refrigerators a few years ago, the living space of the refrigerator industry in 2018 can be described as austerity. Since 2012, the growth rate of refrigerator washing machine Sales has continued to fluctuate within 10% per year, showing the characteristics of mature industries.

However, this phenomenon only lasted for five years. After the period of massive growth, the refrigerator industry began to go downhill. In 2017, China Yikang data showed that the retail volume of the refrigerator market increased by 3.7% year-on-year, and the growth rate of the first 10 months of 2018 fell to 1.3%. It can be seen that the increase in market saturation, the reduction of development space, and the economic slowdown have become the biggest obstacles to the volume of refrigerators.

From the perspective of the consumption environment, with the rise of the middle class, China’s consumption structure is undergoing tremendous changes. For the home appliance industry, consumers have shifted from the pursuit of basic functions to the pursuit of quality, detail and experience, and the consumption concept is shifting towards healthy living consumption. Consumption upgrading has become an irreversible trend in industry changes and development.

The insightful TCL refrigerator, starting with the 2015 negative oxygen ion (AAT) fresh-keeping technology refrigerator, has always been at the forefront of the refrigerator industry innovation. It is no exaggeration to say that TCL took a big step in the year to describe the innovative path for refrigerators.

It is understood that as early as August 2015 TCL refrigerators started the TCL negative oxygen ion (AAT) fresh-keeping refrigerator. It indicated that it began to focus on fresh storage of ingredients. In 2016, TCL refrigerators first promoted TCL air-cooled double-conversion refrigerators, highlighting the industry The air-cooling technology is limited; in 2017, the TCL integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerator was released in the world and the industry’s first integrated inverter air-cooling technology.

Especially in March 2018, TCL refrigerators fully upgraded the smart health + product brand strategy. In the future, the AAT smart sterilization system will be popularized in more than 250L products and 100% of the new products will be equipped with anti-bacterial door seals and handles.

Compared with the ordinary refrigerator simple refrigeration storage function, TCL integrated frequency conversion air-cooled refrigerator not only has AAT negative oxygen ion fresh technology, more unique all-in-one control dual-frequency conversion technology, with intelligent air-cooled frost-free technology, can achieve 2 minutes of cold and double speed.

It can quickly lock the freshness of seafood meat, keep the original nutrition and deliciousness of the ingredients; design the temperature sensing demand of the food through the straight out wind, and the temperature change of the storage space in the refrigerator; the wisdom is precise, fast and uniform, and gets rid of the problem of direct food blowing Quickly realize constant temperature in the refrigerator and keep food for a long time.

The TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooled refrigerator has permanent AAT negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology, which allows the negative ion content in the refrigerator to reach more than 1200 per cubic centimetre. It provides 360 degrees of dust, deodorization, sterilization and fresh care for the ingredients. Freshly conserved, the fruit and vegetable 3 days water retention rate of 95% or more, 7 days water retention rate of more than 90%; according to the needs of different ingredients, create special area storage for all kinds of ingredients.

TCL provided variable frequency air-cooled BCD-490WBEPF2 smart refrigerator. This model comes equipped with an artificial intelligence system and has an AI voice interaction. This has become a new entrant for smart interconnected homes, equipped with a stylish and elegant 27-inch smart large screen, can set food shopping list, track food management, nutritious value, variety of intelligent and integrated audio and video, smart touch control that allows the consumers to touch the wisdom of a new life.

Another feature of this smart refrigerator is the large transparent window, intelligent user experience, visisble material storage, easy to access and convenient, while effectively solving the traditional refrigerator. This refrigerator has eliminated problem of fast cooling loss and can retain the freshness of the ingredients even after multiple opening.

TCL’s plan is that by 2020, their refrigerators will achieve a healthy sales figure of 70%. Innovative products such as the latest TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooled BCD-490WBEPF2 smart refrigerator are available at the 2019 CES local time on January 8.


-Qi Haoran

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