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Chinese Electrical Kitchen Appliances: Affordable & Reliable Option for India


The Need for Electrical Kitchen Appliances in India

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India is a melting pot of various cultures and histories that are written in numerous languages. It makes it home to millions of recipes and base for many cuisines around the world. The food forms a crucial part of any culture and India is no different when it comes to that. The influence of different cultures on the Indian cuisine has been immense and this makes the whole food scene of India exotic. Traces can be found of a thousand different regions in the food habits of India.

To make such a wide variety of food, the Indian homemakers need the help of small electric kitchen appliances that not only make their life easy but also make some delicious food. The Indian homemakers have relied on different techniques to get their work done but for the longest time in history, those were indigenous and handmade equipment. However, with the rapid economic growth and the increase in the availability of electricity across India, the usage of electric kitchen appliances is increasing too.

The Indian smartphone market has been flooded with Chinese brands. The reason behind such a boom is the value for money that the brands offer as compared to the American or the Japanese brands. Moreover, the after-sales service of these Chinese brands have also got better over time. All the factors combined creates a sense of trust among the Indian consumers and thus they tend to purchase the Chinese smartphones.

However, when it comes to the small kitchen appliances, the path is not yet so beautiful for the Chinese electronics giants such as Haier, Galanz or even Casarte. No doubt, that these Chinese brands make some of the best appliances in the world but the Indian consumers don’t know that. They believe in brands such as LG, Samsung, Godrej and Bajaj.

The Reason Behind the Immense Amount of Trust?

The answer is reliability. For decades the Indian families have relied upon these popular names and they have created a lasting impact upon the users’ minds. They know that the quality will rarely be not up to the mark. Moreover, even if something goes bad, the after sales service at the designated service centres are very good that will repair the products easily at less or no additional costs. This makes the above-mentioned brands so popular in the Indian market.

On the contrary, the Chinese brands have a bad reputation in the country especially when it comes to the after-sales service. People have faced bad service and they fear that the money will be wasted if spent on a Chinese brand. LG is the leader in the Home Appliances market followed by its fellow South Korean competitor Samsung die to the trust they have created in the minds of the Indian consumers over the past 2 to 3 decades.

How to Overcome the Distrust Factor?

Trust is a factor that makes the consumers buy almost everything. For instance, consumers know that while purchasing most of the Apple devices they are getting less value for money as compared to similar products from other brands at the same price but still they purchase it because they have the trust that the company will not leave them stranded in the middle if and when the need arises. This is a thing that most other companies fail to achieve and the rare few who achieve this are the most successful in the world right now.

The trust factor is very important in the electronics sector and thus the Chinese companies need to gain that as soon as possible to succeed globally. Indians especially are very price conscious. Very few people will purchase anything in India just for the sake of trying. People tend to invest a lot of time and effort in researching about the good and bad points of electronics before investing their hard earned money into it. This is the reason that successful brands in India have set up a lot of offline stores.

Offline Stores

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The offline stores have allowed the consumers to personally visit them and take the touch and feel approach to know about the product. They try to know what the company is offering after the sales have been made. If they feel satisfied and safe, only then they move ahead with the final purchase. This is not the case with other higher per capita income countries such as the USA, where people have more disposable incomes and they can just purchase some goods just to try them out.

Indian Online Consumer Base

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The recent years have witnessed a rise in the consumer base of Indian e-commerce platforms. This has given rise to the online sale of electronics more than anything else. People tend to do research about any specific electronics and then purchase it from one of the few famous platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal etc. This is the reason behind the rapid rise of companies such as Xiaomi and OnePlus. The growth is not limited to smartphones as home appliances such as TV and refrigerators purchase have also grown manifolds in the past couple of years. The delivery services along with the return and refund policies of the reputed e-commerce platforms have been reliable and fast that allowed the people to have greater trust in them.

The Chinese companies, especially the home appliances and smaller kitchen appliances, should open up stores in the popular areas in India to showcase their products to people so that they gain trust and then they can have high sales online too. This model has been implemented by the likes of Xiaomi and OnePlus to reach out to a wide array of people from the metro cities and tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well.


Doing business and earning profits for a short time might be comparatively easy but to sustain in the market for a long time is the real job that requires a lot of time, effort and mindfulness. The Chinese companies need to learn it from the South Korean, American and the Japanese companies to succeed in the Indian market. The Indian home appliances market is budding and it offers a great opportunity the Chinese enterprises. Companies such as Galanz and Casarte are still unknown in India despite making some world class appliances. The time is just right for these companies to enter India and enjoy the booming market.

-Soumya De

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