China’s Leading E-Commerce Jingdong’s Promotion Techniques are questioned for Falsehood


E-commerce has totally changed the way people used to shop. The whole shopping experience is now online and here people are always in search of some valuable offers that they would not have got in the offline stores.

Jindong, is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China and they have come up with the new concept of 618. With the advent of the 618, merchants have prepared various promotions such as vouchers, full reduction, discounts, price cuts, points and so on. The rules for the use of coupons are also dazzling and users are arguing on that. Indeed, there are always some merchants using several promotion techniques during the promotion season, so that consumers never miss them. This year, in 618, Jingdong’s seven-wolf clothing store seems to have some routine consumers in the promotion.

After entering this store, on the homepage’s propaganda focus map, I purchased a single piece of 20% off and other 2 pieces at 30% off. This kind of discount is really more affordable than offline. For people who want to buy men’s clothes, it is indeed a good chance. But is this activity so simple? I opened a discounted dress, and the routine promotion of a dress officially began.

Jindong Shirt
Jindong Shirt

First of all, you can see the full reduction of 399 minus 30 or 699 minus 50 or 899 minus 100 on the main picture of this product. Then the following is 2 pieces of 10% off, 3 pieces of discount information of 85% off. This is related to the store promotion as 1 piece of 8 folds and 2 pieces of 7 folds are against each other, which makes people feel puzzled. If these are not problems, let’s look at the text on the right. First of all, this product has been written to buy ‘Buy 3 and get 1 free’. This means, buying three pieces by money just to get rid of that one piece?

Jindong 2 - 9

With this question, we clicked on the promotion link, after clicking the link, there are 2 pieces of 10% off, 3 pieces of discount information of 15% off, and this time a piece of 20% off, 2 pieces of 30% discount information appear in one at the same time on the page. This allows consumers to judge whether it is a 70% discount or a 20% discount. Moreover, the ‘buy 3 get 1 Free’ event offer did not find a detailed introduction at all. Want to buy cheaper, really depends on technology! Even if the consumers are all Sherlock Holmes, they may not be able to find this 3 free.

We are not entangled in this problem, and then return to this dress, back to the right, the price of this shirt is 219 yuan, there is a coupon of 199 yuan minus 30 and then there are two promotional information, one is we know that the single piece is at 20% off, the other is the full reduction on the main map. When I selected the size and colour to place an order, there was a message that popped up at this time – ‘Out of stock!’

I tried to choose other more popular colours, but they were all out of stock. This piece of clothing is only available in one colour, which is quite a crash. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have to choose. I will place an order for the goods in stock. If there is no accident, the price should be like this according to various discounts (219-30) * 0.8 = 151.2.

Jindong Offer
Jindong Offer

Obviously, this dress is sold at the original price of 219 yuan, and the coupon is not available. Since it is 219 yuan, the platform can and should directly say that it is 219 yuan. Why bother to make those promotion techniques such as ‘it is full reduction’ and ‘it is a discount’ and so on. It’s a discount and it’s really easy to misunderstand.

For such incidents, netizens have long been critical, and many netizens said that they understand that e-commerce’s promotional promotion techniques are similar to various mathematical formulas. If one’s mathematics is not good, don’t go online to buy things. Of course, this is all a joke. The more the promotion season, the more promotion techniques, and hope that consumers will keep their eyes open when shopping, don’t be confused by these ‘profitable businessmen’, you can buy a satisfactory product if you stay alert.

The doubt in my mind and I will ask is that is this considered fraud?

-Di Yi Guan Dian


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