China’s Hisense TV wins over Japan’s Sony in Black Friday

Japan’s old TV brand Sony is strongly competing with China’ brand Hisense.

At the end of the “Black Friday – 23rd November 2018″ in the United States, Hisense TV became a craze for the buyers. In Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target’s appliance stores, Hisense’s 40-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch 4K TVs became popular among locals. Especially in Wal-Mart, the sales volume of Chinese brands has reached 60%, surpassing the Japanese and Korean brands.

Hisense’s growth rate is unconventional. In the large-size TV segment, Hisense’s shipments are very impressive around the globe. According to IHS’s latest 2018 Global Market Sales Data, the average size of Hisense TVs was 46.8 inches from January to September this year, ranking first among the top 10 brands in global shipments. This also marks that Hisense has gradually established its dominant position in the global big-screen TV market.

In the 50-54-inch segment, Hisense TV ranked second in the world with 11.4% of shipments; in the 55-59-inch specification segment, Hisense TV’s shipment share was 11.2%, ranking third in the world; in the -64-inch specification segment, Hisense TV’s shipment share was 18.6%, ranking second in the world. In the global high-end TV market represented by 4K/8K TV, Hisense TV’s shipment share is 8.8%, ranking among the top three in the world.

This year, Hisense TVs’ performance is the most prominent in the Japanese market. Benefiting from the acquisition of Toshiba TVs, the Toshiba brand has revived its vibrancy in the global market, especially in the Japanese market. In the first three quarters of this year, Hisense TV (Hisense + Toshiba)’s shipment share in the Japanese market reached 13.3%, surpassing Sony and ranking among the top three in the Japanese market.

In February of this year, Hisense Electric completed the acquisition of 95% stake in Toshiba TVs. The two companies quickly integrated their advantages in display technology, product manufacturing, channels and brand. In June this year, in the World Cup in Russia, Hisense released “REGZA” with Japanese advertising, which caused a great sensation across.

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