China’s E-commerce is also enjoying Black Friday

The fever of “Double 11” has not yet got over and the ocean of “Black Friday” has swept America. Unlike in previous year, more and more consumers have started using smartphones to shop, and online shopping has gradually become the main force of American consumers.

According to the data, online retail sales across the United States of America exceeded $6 billion, increased 23% from a year earlier. It took Amazon just 9 hours to break its record for the last year’s “Black Friday” all-day merchandise sales. In this shopping carnival in the United States, has arisen another player – Chinese e-commerce.

Suning International actively participated in this time’s “Black Friday Carnival”. Data shows that on 23rd November 2018 at 2:18 am, just after 138 minutes turnover of Suning International (GMV) surpassed its last year’s “Black Friday” whole day sale. Suning International’s total sales during this “Black Friday” is 3 times more than the sales during the last year’s “Black Friday”.

Today, with the deepening of globalization, more and more Chinese consumers are focusing their attention on overseas goods. However, compared with domestic shopping, overseas shopping is limited by factors such as nationality and language, buying and selling communication is not very easy, further there is a problem of product guarantee bought through purchasing channels (channel here means agents or a commission to buy the product of different country) and opaque prices.

In order to give consumers high-quality genuine goods overseas and not let them suffer from purchasing channels and prices, Suning began to develop international procurement business in 2009. At present, Suning has established professional procurement agencies in Southeast Asia, the United States of America, Europe and other places. It has thousands of international buyers and established procurement systems in more than 140 countries and regions.

During this “ Black Friday”, Suning teamed up with a number of overseas regions to ensure the supply chain from the direct source of origin, and to ensure to bring the most original “Black Friday Carnival” to domestic consumers.

It is understood that Suning International’s “global buyers” not only need to be stationed overseas for a long time, maintain sensitivity to consumer demand’s in market, pick the products those are the most suitable for the domestic market, it is also necessary to conduct procurement negotiations with overseas brands for the products those are needed to be introduced. With their unique vision and rich experience, these buyers continue to introduce high-quality imported goods into the country and deliver high-quality goods to consumers through Suning’s “smart retail” platform.

In this “Black Friday” promotion, Suning dominates the young brand mind, introducing the latest, the most fashionable and coolest products from abroad, the price is also open to foreign market, so that luxury goods do not appear extravagant, many media reviews said, “Suning International rise, afraid that all the purchase of all purchases should be laid off.”

Thanks to Suning’s strength in brand influence, rapid logistics operation and channel, many overseas brands and government agencies have been voluntarily expressed to Suning International to enter the Chinese market. In the future, consumers will buy more foreign high-quality authentic goods from Suning International.

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