China’s AWE is a real influencer for smart home technologies


China’s AWE (Appliance & Electronics World Expo), USA’s CES (Consumer Technology Association) and Germany’s IFA are the world’s three most popular consumer electronics exhibition.

These three exhibitions represent the world’s most advanced electronic technology, representing consumer trends and the impact and changes of new technologies on future lifestyles.

If the US AWE and the German IFA are the most popular consumer electronics exhibitions that have affected the trend of global consumer electronics and become a big-name consumer, then the exhibition that best represents the global consumer electronics development trend and represents advanced technology will be China’s home appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (referred to as AWE).

This statement is not baseless. Although the United States and Germany are somewhat suspicious of the development of China’s consumer electronics, they have to admit that China’s fast-rising consumer electronics technology and consumer electronics brands are infiltrating the global markets.

The important point to consider is China’s huge market for demand.

Three reasons why China’s AWE has become a global vane

Blue Technology believes that China’s AWE is a turning point in 2019, and its influence may surpass the two major exhibitions. Especially in the era of the smart home Internet of Things, China’s consumer electronics technology and ecological chain have become a unique landscape and began to lead the world.

There are three reasons:

  1. China’s smart home has become a global leader, and China is exporting smart home standards to the world. Chinese companies, led by Chinese home appliances, have built a smart home and eco-chain that is leading the world. Therefore, this year’s AWE will further establish the advantages of China’s smart homes to the world and export international standards.
  2. The world famous brands spare no effort to show their products to Chinese consumers, because China is their main consuming market and can become the most important profit growth point for foreign brands.

With the rise of China’s consumption upgrade, the world’s most high-end home appliances such as Casa Di and Miele are in a high-speed growth stage in the Chinese market. Therefore, any well-known electronic brand does not want to miss the Chinese market, and AWE is the best stage for them to show to Chinese consumers.

From the point of view of consumption power and consumption trends, the consumption depth of the United States and Germany is far less than that of the Chinese market. Therefore, AWE is one of the most attractive markets for global consumer electronics, which is almost a corporate resonance.

  1. Chinese consumer electronics companies are becoming the core of the global Internet of Things. Based on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, Chinese consumer electronics products are smashing global technology terminals, production terminals and consumer terminals. Most companies around the world want to build an ecological chain with Chinese electronics, and AWE’s consumer electronics event will be the best platform and showcase.


AWE is the platform and market for the latest technology in the world

In January 2019, news media from all over the world inquired about the characteristics of this year’s AWE and the participating brands.

Foreign media as an important communication window, their degree of emphasis on AWE reflects the current trend from a certain angle.

In 2019, AWE, with the theme of “AI and Smart Life”, will fully demonstrate the Global Platform for Smart Life” empowered by the new era of artificial intelligence technology.

AWE 2019 will set up ten exhibition areas including consumer electronics, white goods, kitchen and bathroom appliances, living appliances, environmental and health appliances, smart home and technology parks, Haier Experience Hall, and the US Experience Hall. The exhibition area of 135,000 square meters and nearly 900 exhibitors.

Following the US CES and the German IFA, AWE has become one of the most important exhibitions. Including many well-known companies around the world, they have reached a consensus that AWE’s influence, participating companies, demand index, and technological innovation have surpassed CES and IFA.

The reason is that at AWE, they can gain insight into China’s consumption trends, become a part of the ecosystem, and understand the strategies and business paths of new global technologies and new products in the Chinese market.

From the point of view of Chinese brands, Haier as the representative of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises has become a business card for China’s home appliance industry. Haier will move the smart family eco-brand to the scene, and the multi-scene will let the audience enjoy the convenience and beauty brought by the smart family.

Midea will also fully display its consumer electronics, HVAC, robotics, automation systems and intelligent supply chain products and solutions in the scale of an entire exhibition hall.

Hisense Group will fully demonstrate its innovative smart transportation, smart healthcare, smart city solutions and more. Here, AWE will lead the global home appliances into the era of “smart life” interaction.

Different from previous years, the three major points of AWE in 2019 further explain that AWE’s influence in the world is increasing day by day.

One of the highlights; the German Modern Kitchen Association participated in AWE for the first time. Obviously, China’s attraction to them is self-evident.

The German modern kitchen industry association AMK joined hands and led more than ten AMK members such as Nobilia, Schott and Nolte to re-appear, forming the strongest German kitchen electric brand lineup in AWE history.

Among them, Nobilia as the top cabinet manufacturer in Germany, MHK as the German kitchen trade giant will debut in AWE, bringing its German modern kitchen concept and technology solutions, greatly enriching the scope of AWE display. This further supports the charisma of AWE.

Aspect 2: Environmental appliances will be a new force, stimulating consumption upgrades and technological innovation. In 2019, AWE environmental appliances will become a new force in the home appliance industry.

Exhibitors will no longer display products and technologies in a single way, more will be integrated into different home environments and application scenarios, covering a wide range of house purification, and even cross-border products such as commercial and public environmental equipment will come to AWE2019.

The third point: the science park is more intimate with the people. As a special exhibition area and focus of AWE, Science Park has always been a gathering place for cutting-edge technology and innovative products.

In 2019, the Science Park attracted more heavyweight technology companies to join, including Huawei, Qihoo 360, and Keda Xunfei, all of which will bring new technology applications and product experiences to the 2019 Technology Park. The extension of “smart life”.

The AWE, which will start on March 14-17, also focus on the strongest voice of global TV brands. Samsung, Sony, and LG in foreign brands, domestic and international brands such as Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, and other domestic and foreign companies will bring their own The new product of the year is a strong debut, perfect for the upgrade and transformation of 8K, OLED, QLED, HDR, HFR, Dolby Atmos and other technologies, bringing an annual feast of “smart entertainment” to consumers around the world.

It is worth mentioning that LG Display as the global display panel leader will also be stationed in AWE this year, further laying the international influence of AWE in the field of consumer electronics.

In recent years, AWE’s mass consumers have grown at a rate of 200% per year, which is an unparalleled advantage for German IFA and US CES.

In 2018, 17556 people from 76 countries and regions on 6 continents came to visit from overseas. In 2019, AWE, the participating countries once again broke the record of last year.

AWE is the platform for the global consumer electronics company to show off their strength. Different from US CES and German IFA, AWE is unique in that it can provide a deeper and thicker ecological platform for global exhibitors, allowing them to discover market trends, not just display technologies.

-[Blue Technology] Jìfēng

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