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China’s 126th Canton Fair: While Others Go Overseas for Volume, Haier Goes Overseas for Brand Creation

On October 15th, at the 126th Canton Fair, the Chinese home appliance industry also gave a completely different attitude due to the different paths.

One is the brand of Chinese enterprises’ OEMs, and foreign partners firmly control the right to speak and the brand premium. For Chinese OEMs, it is only necessary to maintain the precision and progress of production day after day.

One is that China’s brands sailed to the sea, through a sound supply chain and cross-country cooperation, to complete a brand from the birth of industrialization to human consumption such a path.

The former, the right to speak at the 126th Canton Fair is only the production of machinery, according to the requirements of the other party to complete all tasks, more brand value and high value-added and OEM companies have nothing to do.

The latter, the core technology, smart home and brand value displayed to partners at the Canton Fair, let them see the future, which is the best way to maximize mutual value.

The Canton Fair is a barometer of China’s import and export trade. Taking the home appliance industry as an example, despite the weakness of the global home appliance industry, in general, the export business of Chinese companies is still running smoothly.

According to the latest data from January to August of the General Administration of Customs, China’s foreign trade import and export continued to develop in an overall stable, stable and quality upgrade. The number of China’s home appliance exports increased by 4% year-on-year, and the export value increased by 1%.

The growth of the export-oriented business has “intrinsic” anxiety. Behind it is the path dependence of China’s export-oriented business growth is still a creative rather than a brand. For Chinese companies, the amount of production is a product of a specific historical period, but if we are still focusing on such a path dependence, it is clear that there is still a long way to go from the expectations of China’s 2025 high-end manufacturing.

This kind of extensive “out of the sea” is essentially trade processing. It does not need to carefully manage a brand. As long as it is simple to manufacture and can also complete capital accumulation for others, it has become a global enterprise. The road that has gone the most.

Another road to globalization, “making a license to the sea” means not doing OEM business, and exporting products to China’s brands at the same time. This road is currently the best and the most competitive globally.

According to Euromonitor’s statistics, China’s white-light production accounted for nearly half of the world’s total in 2018, but overseas Chinese brands accounted for only 2.89%, and “Haier Zhijia” has a proportion of 86.5%, meaning that every overseas sale of 10 units in China. There are 8 brands of white goods called “Haier”

Different sea-going modes also determine the different cores of brand product iterations, which can also be seen from the Canton Fair. The latest products of Midea and Gree are mainly focused on hardware manufacturing. They show the principle of excellence in China’s manufacturing and quality and quantity. Haier also has the advantage of hardware manufacturing, but it also values ​​the branding, so the products focus on high-end upgrades. These two roads, “creative” is less difficult and quicker. The “creative” is difficult in the early stage but the brand effect is strong. The success of Haier’s globalization fully proves the value of creating a brand.

The same is the customs export data from January to August, the overall export price of the industry fell by 3%, the brands also showed varying degrees of decline, only Haier reached 8% against the trend. Besides, the average export price of Chinese refrigerators in August was only 143 US dollars, Haier’s Xin kitchen refrigerator has been sold in the UK to 3,599 pounds.

The average price of a single product does not lose even higher than other overseas brands. This is the basis for Haier’s many years of creating a brand. Only by letting consumers know the brand and product quality can they get more brand value, which is the height that the amount is far from being reached.

Canton Fair Haier
Canton Fair Haier

Others make products, Haier makes scenes become wind generators

The creation of others, Haier created a brand; others made products, Haier made scenes.

Nowadays, the wisdom scene has become a new cusp, and Haier is standing on the cusp of the wind and even the wind maker.

As you can see at the Canton Fair, in addition to high-end creation, wisdom has become an important label for Haier. It not only brings products such as the Internet of Things dual-screen refrigerator, fusion fibre washing machine but also shows the smart life scenes such as food management and sleep mode.

The most practical artificial intelligence must be based on demand, which is the core of the brand and the wind maker.

“How to do the steaks?” The site staff of the Canton Fair is interacting with the Haier Smart Refrigerator. The voice has just fallen, and the steak-related recipes appear on the large screen of the refrigerator. Some merchants are invited to stand on the body fat scale, and the big screen is also Quickly showed weight, BMI and other data, and recommended a one-week healthy diet plan.

If this is just a creative product, then it has nothing to do with Haier. On the contrary, every product of Haier’s smart family is derived from Haier’s core technology, which uses the brand to interpret the brand’s connotation and impress consumers with practical functions.

For example, this refrigerator is not only powerful in its function, but also can be used to wash dishes in the dishwasher, control the baking of the oven, etc., and the chicken wings and egg tarts only need the “fool” operation to taste the professional taste.

In the field of smart homes, Haier Zhijia, which sells programs in the “market” in the global market, is unique. It can be seen that Haier, which insists on exporting home appliance brands, has now entered the stage of exporting eco-brands through the smart home layout of the Internet of Things, and has achieved the global landing of smart families through seven major brands.

In North America, GE Appliances’ “North American Edition” smart kitchen allows local consumers to enjoy convenient kitchen life, and AQA’s smart community washes the laundry process at any time. Fisher & Paykel’s “social kitchen” for locals allows them to always Sharing food, Candy first launched the smart steam series of intelligent ovens in Italy and plans to make 80% of the products into connected appliances next year. The series innovation is like a large and rigorous innovation organization, intertwined with creation, intertwined with scenes and wisdom.

Twenty years ago, Haier was the first Chinese company to create a global brand. Twenty years later, Haier Zhijia has changed its eco-brand. With the global landing of smart homes, a new era of intelligent life for thousands of people around the world is opening.

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