CES has a new drama queen in Alexa as she interrupts a Qualcomm Keynote


Consumer Electronic Show (CES), a trade show for consumers organized by Consumer Technology Association (CTA). It is a 51-year-old show which has been amusing people with technology for years together. It has been continuously and successfully exhibiting electronics for the consumers. For its first-ever show in 1967, there were around 17 thousand people. It is now conducting a show in Las Vegas, Nevada in its 52nd year. The format is still the same, newest electronics and technology will be showcased at this event and the number of attendees has now gone up to 182 thousand people.

That said, the hot topic at this year’s CES is without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the hot topics all around the world. It has managed to grab headlines irrespective of the technology showcased as every other tech company in the world is behind Artificial Intelligence. AI is totally the candy that all the consumers want.

However, there are things which the world is still getting used to. Things such as our daily needs are being completed by a mind which is not ours. Right now we need to command these people, but there will be a time when these AI-powered machines will have their own mind. And when that happens, it will be a lot more convenient and weirder. That said, there is an incident which goes by my statement that happened in CES of 2019.

Nakul Duggal, an executive of Qualcomm, was going on with his Keynote explaining how the newest chips are going to transform the in-car experience. Alexa, who was supposed to be the part of the Keynote, blurted out some words which sent the arena into a laugh riot. Nakul, who was explaining that Alexa successfully answers the questions you ask. The Qualcomm exec was about to ask a simple question about restaurants and hotels nearby and said that Alexa can answer these questions. Just then Alexa said, “That is not true” which was taken as a joke by everybody. However, what was Alexa really listening to? Remains the real question.

Nakul intelligently joked further saying that he should not ask Alexa any more questions and continued with his Keynote. That said, there is still a lot of development to take place in the field of voice assistants and AIs. Although such incidents make people ask questions which should not be asked.

– Unmesh Phule

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