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Casarte understands the consumer market and the market understands Casarte

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After Casarte, who can become the next high-end brand?

Some people say this after studying Casarte’s journey in 2019. In 2019, from CES in the United States to AWE in China, Casarte is the key home appliance brand in the global home appliance industry.

Casarte led the high-end complete sets of home appliances in the United States and China. This is not only the product that won 81 international awards but also the best proof of the original technology iterations. It is also the highest level of black technology in China’s high-end home appliances.

Since 2006, from the foundation of the brand to the outbreak of the brand, Casarte has given more efforts to its understanding of users and products. In the home appliance industry where the product is “conceptualized”, facing the leading position of many giants from Japan, South Korea and Europe, Casarte has re-invented and defined new home appliances with original technology based on the differentiated advantages of user interaction. The world’s high-end home appliances market is rapidly emerging and leading the way.

Nowadays, it has become the most brilliant pearl in the “home appliance crown” of the high-end market.

Casarte catches the pressure points of high-end users

In fact, Casarte’s breakthrough is to grasp the pressure points of high-end users. Most of the “high-end points” of high-end home appliances brands in China and abroad are floating on the surface, but they show high-end in price and publicity. The quality and function have not been highlighted.

However, the price depends on the technology and quality, and the price is different from that of ordinary household appliances. Naturally, there must be “excellence”.

In terms of original technology, for example, Casarte refrigerators can increase the preservation effect by 8 times by adjusting the ratio of nitrogen to oxygen; instead of washing with water and dry cleaning, it uses smart steam to clean high-end fabrics with micro-vapour molecules in the washing machine; people’s demand for temperature, Casarte Tian Air Conditioning creates  “divisional air supply”.  Through accurate analysis and positioning of user needs, Casarte defines high-end connotation as professional and subversive, always in product performance, pioneering innovation and excellence.

In terms of industry leadership, currently, the price of Casarte refrigerator is 2.7 times that of the industry average, but the retail sales growth is 7.6% ahead of the industry. The market share of refrigerators above 10,000 yuan is 1.3 times that of joint venture brands; the unit price of drum washing machines is 2.1 times that of the industry, but the growth rate of retail sales is leading. The industry’s 41.8% market share of 10,000 yuan or more is 9.9 times that of the joint venture brand.

In industry, the company that will eventually occupy and lead the market will always be the product that best understands the needs of users and the brand that works the most seriously.

Casarte knows the consumer very well

As Li Huagang, vice president of Haier Group and chief marketing officer of China, said, after many years of precipitation, Casarte has become the first choice of elites. People who know and understand life, are willing to choose Casarte and actively recommend to friends and relatives.

That’s the truth. In the past year, Casarte’s “Friends Circle” has added elite users from different high-end circles around the world, including German Prince Ferdinand’s Casarte’s “Personal Butler”; Malaysia’s Supreme Head of State to Kasbah Emperor Fiber gifted the washing machine to the mother and expresses the beauty of the family. In the royal kitchen circle, Casarte is also very popular. The Casarte refrigerator harvests the praises from the French Embassy in China, the Australian Embassy in China and the other 10 countries.

In leading the world’s high-end design, Casarte locked the brand status NO.1 of the high-end artist, in addition to grasping the pain points and positioning.

Today, Casarte not only introduces top design resources such as BMW and Ferrari but also integrates the world’s top scientific and technological resources such as Fisher & Paykel and Embraco. It has 14 design centres around the world, including 28 companies including MIT. R&D institutions drive the high-end of the entire process system with the social economy.

According to statistics, since the brand was founded, Casarte has continued to use the original technology to iterate high-end new products and has won 81 international awards. The authoritative awards such as the German iF Design Award, Red Dot Award and American IDEA Award are frequently collected.

By covering five categories of brands, design, technology, products and innovation, Casarte will not only carry the 81 international award-winning solutions to “fill” the user’s family, but also bring the high-end lifestyle to a global perspective.

Why others can’t Casarte?

Many industry competitors can only imitate the appearance of Casarte’s products, but can’t copy the original technical strength and the height of innovation in the industry.

Take the world’s first double-drum washing machine, Gemini Yunshang. This is the case that Casarte has been researched since 2009 and was not officially launched until 2015. It lasted for five years. The market of Gemini Yunshang solved the century-old problems of stability and balance, and also created the era of district care.

Followed by a high-end Korean brand launched a similarly designed washing machine, the surface seems to be no different from Gemini, but the stability and balance of the operation cannot compete Casarte.

With real craftsmanship to make products, no hurry, not chasing, this is the core of a high-end brand.

Casarte represents the leader of China’s high-end industry, with a huge investment and dedication to create a number of “out of the box products”, and this is what other companies can only rely on follow-up, copy plagiarism won’t work.

Casarte’s deep-rooted research and development re-engineering industry standards, with continuous “original iteration” to stimulate the innovation of the entire home appliance field, while carrying the risk of being quickly copied by other companies is rare across the home appliance industry.

As large as a movement, as small as a slide, behind each of the core components, is the world’s leading research and development strength.

Adhering to the initial intention, Casarte will continue to lead the high-end upgrade of the entire home appliance industry with subversive technology and superb manufacturing technology, step by step become an “innovator” worthy of global users’ trust, and grow into a world brand with high-end home appliances.

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