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Casarte Launched Industry’s First Premium Smart Appliances for Smart Homes


On June 21st, ‘Wisdom Life is Love: 2019 Casarte Sixiang’ commenced in Chongqing. At the event, Casarte showed the ‘conductor’ smart home appliance system consisting of 21 high-end new products such as refrigerator, wine cooler, washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen appliance and water softener. This is also the first high-end wisdom in the smart home industry. Complete sets of home appliances. In addition, diving champion Wu Minxia couple, well-known actor Zhu Yin, well-known Gao Ding designer Lan Yu and other Casarte ‘ experience officials ’ came to the scene, becoming the world’s first high-end users to experience Casarte high-end smart package.

At the site and off-site of Sixianghui, Casarte’s all-in-one high-end package solutions also interacted face-to-face with consumers. At the site of Sixiang, Casarte built a 240-square-meter smart home experience centre to showcase the smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bedroom, smart balcony and smart bathroom. In the 500 square meters exhibition area of ​​Chongqing Jiefangbei Square, the seven smart solutions such as high-end water and ecological air also interacted face-to-face with local consumers to give them a feel of the products.

Casarte released the industry’s first high-end smart set of home appliances to showcase smart homes. On one hand, it represents the expansion and extension of Haier’s smart home brands and categories. On the other hand, it also marks the beginning of the smart home appliances into the high-end or premium category era.

Casarte Event
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Casarte’s Five Wisdom Spaces Showcase Smart Family Solutions

In the Smart Home Experience Centre built by Casarte, the smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bedroom, smart balcony and smart bathroom space show users the high-end smart home solution. Participants will enter the Casarte Art Space and experience a new way of life.

In the smart living room, the ‘conductor’ air conditioner, the hoarding + ice bar and the ‘conductor’ TV M300 create a comfortable and relaxing entertainment space. The ‘conductor’ air conditioner can not only blow out the ‘customized style’, but also the voice assistant ‘Xiaoyou’ can talk with the user. No matter how fast or slow, or when speaking at the local dialect, ‘Xiaoyou’ can understand the user’s instructions. The whole process is very smooth and showcases a dual domain design. Regardless of friends gathering or family unions, ‘conductor TV M300 through its far-field speech/facial recognition technology, no-touch operation and comfortable viewing enhances the whole ecperience.

Casarte Smart Home
[BlueTechnology: Casarte Smart Home]
Walking out of the smart living room, you come to the smart kitchen, the Internet of Things dual-screen refrigerator, ‘conductor’ smart kitchen appliances, solid-state refrigeration wine cabinets and so on. Here, the Internet of Things dual-screen refrigerator can provide a healthy diet plan for the next week after reading your body data. It is called the ‘family health butler’ in the kitchen; then open the solid-state refrigerated wine cabinet, ‘0 vibration’ storage effect lets the wines collection maintain the best taste. Use the ‘conductor’ kitchen electric porridge, just click on the porridge program of the stove, the cooker can be controlled with just one button, and the program automatically cuts off the source of the fire. You can also make a reservation for the TFT large-screen rice cooker remotely. The cooker can cook more than a hundred recipes are at your fingertips. After the meal, the dishwasher with innovative steam is deeply cleaned and the kitchen is completely new.

Come to the smart bedroom, this is a private rest and relaxation space created by the ‘conductor’ wall-mounted air conditioner and the fragrant ice bar. ’Conductor’ wall-mounted air conditioner intelligently adjusts wind speed, air volume, wind direction and temperature, etc., temperature sensing and intelligent control technology can bring the most comfortable sleeping environment. The ‘conductor’ central air conditioning has created a comfortable air experience, through the AI ​​smart technology to achieve self-networking, adaptive and self-energy-saving it brings a new experience of ‘Cool’ not ‘cold’.

The smart balcony outside the living room creates a personal high-end clothing care space and comfortable space experience. Among them, the fusion fibre care machine can wash the expensive fabrics, no matter the Hermes scarf or the imported Italian cashmere garments.

Finally, into the smart bathroom, Tianmu PRO water heater creates a customized and healthy clean space. Not only can it be heated quickly, it also has a deep learning function that ‘remembers’ the bathing habits of family members. After it is used several times, the user’s water time, temperature, and water consumption will be well understood. After that, the water will be automatically boiled and the amount of heating water will be controlled, saving time and worry.

Casarte Washroom Appliances
[BlueTechnology: Casarte Washroom Appliances]

Casarte Smart Family to Create Unique Four Characteristics

At the scene, the high-end wisdom package of Casarte has brought the life wisdom of Casarte to the users with consistency, interconnectivity, integrity and iterative characteristics: not only the connection of home appliances, but also the connection life.

  1. The first is the consistency of the complete set of home appliances. Different from the industry set-up, the high-end smart home appliances of Casarte are designed and manufactured according to the principle of consistency. IoT dual-screen refrigerator and wine cabinet, kitchen and electric high-end smart kitchen, ‘conductor’ air conditioner, ‘conductor’ TV M300 to create a smart living room, Tianmu set of water heater to create a smart bathroom, ‘conductor’ wall-mounted The smart bedroom and the fusion fibre care machine, the ‘conductor’ central air conditioner and the vacuum cleaner create a smart balcony that covers the entire space of family life, perfectly integrating the whole set of intelligence and art design, not only the product. Uniform style, uniform product colour, and uniform user interaction.
  2. The second is the interconnectivity of the scenario. At present, most of the market has superimposed interconnection technology on low-priced products, and the sense of value is extremely low. Casarte can realize ‘one sentence interconnection’. The user can realize the natural interaction through the screen on the smart device and the voice assistant, and the speed is connected in 17 seconds. At the same time, not only through the interconnection to form a complete set of smart life solutions such as care, health management, air ecology, etc., Casarte can also provide users with a full range of ecological services such as laundry washing, family health management, custom air supply.
  3. The third feature is the integrity of the home ecosystem. Different from the popular ‘home decoration, then home’ process, Casarte’s high-end smart package solution is perfectly integrated with the home eco-strategic brand, bringing a holistic smart home eco experience to users. At the press conference, the air eco experience officer Zhang Wei experienced the health scene function of Casarte air conditioner. After calling ‘Xiao You Xiao You, I want Alpine Air’, the air conditioner adjusts the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and freshness. And the wind speed and the like meet the needs of the user’s customized air. And this scene in the smart living room is just the corner of the high-end smart home ecology that Casarte has created. Casarte is committed to providing a unique and intelligent family experience for each user in each family.
  4. The last feature is the iterative nature of smart homes. The smart home field pays great attention to hardware connections, but often ignores the technical content of the hardware itself. And Casarte not only emphasizes the technology and interconnection of hardware, but also tells consumers about changes in life. Take the Internet of Things dual-screen refrigerator in the Casarte Smart Kitchen scene released on the spot as an example. Its MSA oxygen-control preservation technology can extend the preservation effect by 8 times, and combines AI, big data and other technologies to pass the user health indicators. Analysis, customized nutrition meal plan for the user, and the whole family wisdom health management. At the same time, Casarte’s single-product hardware and complete solution can be self-itritated, self-upgraded, and based on user habits for deep learning, self-perceived iteration.

Casarte Living Room Appliances
[BlueTechnology: Casarte Living Room Appliances]
Under the guidance of the single-in-one mode, Haier is accelerating the global landing of the seven brands of smart home eco-brands, including GE Appliances’ smart kitchen suite in North America, Fisher & Paykel to create New Zealand ‘social kitchen’, and AQUA’s wisdom in Japan. ‘Community wash’, Candy is connected to home appliances in Europe. As an important part of Haier’s smart family, this time Casarte released high-end smart home appliances, which announced Haier’s smart home in the top-end high-end market. In the past, the high-end meaning was to ‘make home appliances with new design but very expensive’. However, today, Casarte’s interpretation of ‘making the family smarter and making wisdom more sophisticated’ has become the high-end meaning and revolutionary vane of the present and the future.

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