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Casarte: AWE’s high-end brand category is a Lone Ranger


AWE is one of the largest home appliances show in the world and in 2019 it was hosted in Shanghai. If the US CES show 5G became the absolute protagonist in January, then the AI and IOT on Shanghai AWE in March was the biggest highlight of the home appliance industry. From the overall home appliance exhibition hall, Casarte is one of the best in high-end home appliances. On this AWE, Casarte surprised AWE with the ‘conductor’ high-end complete appliance series.

However, Casarte seems to be a ‘lone ranger’. Just like playing volleyball, if Casarte is the main attack of the high-end category, then it is difficult for him to find a suitable ‘diagonal’. Like Karl Lagerfeld, the world’s top fashion design guru. The master, who has won the British Fashion Outstanding Contribution Award, has been dubbed a lonely fashion emperor for the rest of his life. However, no one denies his outstanding contribution to the fashion industry. As a famous Chanel designer, he designed for a number of fashion materials every year, which would be popular once it was brought to market.

Loneliness does not prevent them from becoming masters, and Casarte is no exception. From the high-end of a single product ten years ago to the high-end package of today, Casarte has promoted high-end home appliances to the top of the world with the role of ‘conductor’.

What did the ‘conductor’ Casarte command?

On March 14th, on the day of 2019 AWE, Casarte brought the ‘conductor’ high-end complete sets of appliances to the home, bringing high-end living solutions to users.

In addition to meticulous art, the awakening resonance of the intelligent, considerate professional, free embedded design, Casarte also showed users the high-end art space, in addition, the key point of more resonance and the formation of a follower effect is that Casarte from the high end of the single product to the high-end complete set.

On the occasion of the birth ofCasartein 2006, the industry exclaimed the highest-end item intelligence or was led by Casarte. It turns out that after more than ten years of accumulation, the high-end products of theCasarteseries have become NO.1 in China and even in the world.

This time, AWE, Casarte from the ‘high-end single product’ to ‘high-end package’, from ‘high-end hardware’ to ‘high-end lifestyle’, while providing a complete set of services for the global family, but also leading the industry with high-end ecosystem The brand building era of ‘high-end lifestyle’.

From the perspective of the music industry, the ‘conductor’ must be a perfect musician, have an in-depth understanding of every detail, and have the ability to convey this understanding to others. The ‘conductor’ set released by the ‘conductor’ named high-end complete sets of appliances, including the refrigerator, wine cabinet, washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen appliance, water softener and other 21 high-end new products.

Look at the refrigerator industry first.CasarteTiancheng free-standing embedded refrigerator masters the pattern, with free embedded design to achieve the cell-level freshness of different ingredients.

Look at the washing machine again. Casarte pioneered air washing, water washing, heat pump drying 10kg and heat pump drying 8kg four-in-one solution to meet the needs of washing and drying.

The ‘conductor’ air conditioner is like the ‘harp’ in the band. The intelligent AI technology ‘understands’ the user’s needs. The voice interaction can ‘direct’ the air conditioner to intelligently adjust the air parameters, and the dual-power constant temperature purification fresh air system can purify the indoor air. The double-cycle soft air brings the user a warm, wet, wind, net and fresh five-dimensional maintenance type intelligent breathing solution.

The conductors cover the kitchen appliances, including hoods, stoves, ovens, steamers, etc., equipped with intelligent AI technology to complete intelligent operation such as one-button cooking, food identification, automatic temperature control and fire control, and realize the first set of intelligent kitchen appliances and Deep interaction with elite users.

The same subversive innovations, the four-zone seven-mode of theCasarteIce Bar, the solid-state film refrigeration technology of the wine cabinet, the professional classification cleaning of the tableware brought by the dishwasher, and the one-stop bath and heating for the user. High-end complete water solution for clean water and soft water demand.

TheCasarteseries products provide solutions for high-end people, demonstrating their position in the industry. So far, some of the high-end home appliances can provide single product intelligence, but the high-end sets and solutions, Casarte is currently unique.

Huang Fei, director of the International Economics and Trade MBA of Seoul ASSIST Seoul Graduate School of Science and Technology, said in an interview with Blue Technology thatCasartehas always been a leader in the role of high-end products from high-end to high-end. This shows thatCasarteis more predictable. From the perspective of global development trends, with the increase of high-income groups, high-quality lifestyles are pursued by elites. Casarte took the opportunity to seize the high point faster than the opponent. Even if there is a follower, it will not be able to reach the height ofCasarte.

Huang Fei
[ASSIST Huang Fei, Director of International Economics and Trade, Seoul Graduate School of Science and Technology]
As a global high-end brand upstart, the innate genes are Internet attributes and AI functions, which is one of the secret weapons thatCasartequickly established in the home appliance industry. Casarte is just  more than ten years old, but its performance is only ‘high-quality stocks.’ Even in the overall weakening of the home appliance industry, Casarte can stands out.

From the trend of the past two years, in 2017, Casarte has reached 35% in the high-end category market in China, up 9% from 2016. Among them, in the ice washing market of more than 10,000 yuan, the market share ofCasarte refrigerators and washing machines are 30% and 69% respectively; in the air conditioning market of more than 16,000 yuan, the market share ofCasarteair conditioners reaches 40%. At that time, Casarte’s production and sales scale jumped to 10 billion yuan, and it took 11 years to complete the century-long road of European and American brands.

When many opponents try to use the high-end brands to influence the market share ofCasarte, they have no results.

The strong momentum is still continuing. According to the Zhongyi Kang data report in 2018, in the whole year of 2018, the share ofCasarte refrigerator in the 15K+ market reached 43.7%, and the share of the washing machine in the 10K+ market reached 76.9%.

In the case of the sluggish growth of the entire home appliance industry, Casarte refrigerators, washing machines, etc. have achieved an increase of more than 50% compared with last year. At the same time, Casarte wine cabinets and ice bars accounted for 66.1% of the full price segment, up 8.5% year-on-year.

When many people mention high-end appliances, the first thing that comes to mind isCasarte. If you continue to ask the second-ranked high-end home appliances, many people may be tempted.

In the domestic market, there is currently no high-end home appliance group army. Apart from Casarte, it is difficult for other brands to establish status in high-end home appliances.

From high-end to high-end sets

Someone followed the trend, but only learned the same shape and could not learn the soul of the core and  Casarte. The front runner is lonely, like Karl Lagerfeld, the world’s top fashion designer who has been alone for a lifetime. Many people remember his ability to control fashion and remember the loneliness behind him. But he was happy and passionate because he had become the top ‘conductor’ in the fashion industry.

When the industry is in the high-end development stage of the ‘pseudo-high-end’ single product, Casarte has created a high-end boutique such as Shuangzi Yunshang washing machine and F+ refrigerator with original technology.

When the industry is still struggling with smart hardware, Casarte has realized the first set of intelligent voice interactive home appliances, cut into the three scenes of the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Through the integrated design and intelligent voice function, seamless human-computer interaction, Casarte – the Emperor has created a high-end set of artists to promote the high-end experience with a complete set of solutions.

The elites attracted by the ‘conductors’ come from all over the world.

From Germany’s Prince Ferdinand, he chose Casarte’s products as a ‘personal butler’, went to the Malaysian Supreme Head of State to send Casarte to see the washing machine to give it to the mother, then, the Casarte Refrigerator won the praise from the French Embassy in China, the Australian Embassy in China, and other 10 national banquet chefs… This world-class user list covering the global and leading industries is also the high-end life of Casarte. Ways to enter the testimony of the global family. ‘

The accurate insight into user needs and industry trends has made Casarte a pioneer in the high-end home appliance industry.’ Li Huagang, vice president of Haier Group and chief marketing officer of China, said at the press conference.

Casarte has undoubtedly become a leader in the high-end home appliance industry. According to statistics, since the brand was founded, Casarte has continued to iterate high-end new products with original technology and has won 81 international awards. The authors such as the German iF Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the US IDEA Award are frequently included.

Standing in the ranks of high-end appliances, Casarte’s high-end package meets public expectations. Previously, Casarte stood at the apex of high-end home appliances, and this time the leading capital is a series of high-end complete appliances.

To measure whether a brand is high-end depends on its circle of friends and the ecological chain. Casarte’s circle of friends is from BMW’s designers, Haigao designers and so on. In addition, Casarte has 14 design centres, 28 MIT R&D institutions including MIT, and the high-end of the whole process system driven by the community economy.

Casarte, who is raising high-end sets of home appliances, is trying to make some changes. We will change the industry’s icy hardware service, change the traditional ‘one-time transaction’, and change the closed innovation of the industry. Casarte opens up the global ecosystem and continues to create high-end lifestyles with global users and ecological resources.

Driven by market demand, it promotes technological innovation, product innovation and model innovation. While constantly upgrading its technology and products, it has created a high-end brand of Casarte through the high-end system.

-Blue technology – Ji Feng

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