Can’t Remember Your Passwords? Google is Here to Rescue


If you are one of the many, who often sign up for some app or service only to find that you don’t remember the password anymore which you used the first time. Well then, Google has come to your rescue.  Google will now let you sign in to some of its services on Chrome on Android using just your fingerprint, rather than having to type in a password. The feature is available starting today for some Android phones, and it will be rolling out to all phones running Android 7

Practically everything we do online these days requires a password and, to ensure the security of our digital lives, we’re all advised to use a different password for each service. But unless you use a password manager or have a superb memory, remembering those passwords can get frustratingly difficult.

One such password will likely be for your Google account – something you use to log in to services like Gmail and YouTube, or just browser syncing on Google Chrome. However, the tech giant is keen on simplifying online logins by making it easier, and quicker, to securely access some of its own web services on Android devices without the need for a password

According to a Google help page, the feature also allows you to log in using whichever method you have set up to unlock your phone, which can include pins and pattern unlock.

While individual apps have long been able to access and use Android’s fingerprint authentication technology, this is the first time the company has allowed biometrics to be used to verify user identities on the web.

Earlier, Android smartphone users already have Google’s autofill feature that lets them save a password for a website once and fills it for them the next time they log in. While this makes the life of Android users easy, Google is now making their lives even easier by letting them forget login passwords forever.

Google’s new password-less sign-in method is built on the FIDO2, W3C WebAuthn and FIDO CTAP standards that have been developed to help reduce our dependence on passwords. It’s the same technology that allows Android devices to be used as physical security keys.

Google has said that the new feature is currently being rolled out to Pixel phones first, and will arrive on devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, so it shouldn’t be long before it becomes easier to log in to other Google services through Chrome on Android.

Not having to remember a password means this is a much more convenient way to log in, and it’s also much more secure. Passwords have all kinds of vulnerabilities, even before you consider the fact that a lot of people reuse them across multiple sites. However, with this method, credentials are stored locally on your device so they can’t be intercepted or hacked off a company’s servers.

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