BSNL and Tata Motors join hands as smart cars become the new cool

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is an Indian government-owned telecommunications company which is based from New Delhi. The company was formed in 2000 and took over the operations of connecting India from Departments of Telecom Services and Telecom Operations from the first day of October in 2000. BSNL has since garnered huge amounts of services. It connected India to the remotest parts of the country and transformed the landlines.

However, the company also came in line with the mobile revolution and has around 113 million mobile subscribers. It has managed to come in terms with the 4G revolution and the broadband revolution as well. The company, currently, is trying to cope up with the Jio’s disruption and is looking elsewhere to lend its SIM functionality. That said, they have found one in the name of Tata Motors. The Indian giant is looking to implement something unique to shake the car market a bit.

Currently, the car market in India is majorly shared by Maruti Suzuki, which has about 49-50% of the market share while Tata Motors comes in second with Hyundai just behind them. Tata Motors is looking to woo the Indian consumers with smart cars and for that, it has partnered with BSNL. This unusual partnership might lead to a major shakeup in the car market as BSNL and Tata, together might just revolutionize the country’s four-wheeler market.

Tata recently took a huge leap with their superb cars in Nexon and Hexa. These popular cars are going to get a makeover with an M2M (Machine to Machine) communication upgrade. This is going to be possible with the help of BSNL as they are going to enhance the communication services which will happen with the help of embedded SIM functionality.

Basically, M2M communications enable wired to wireless communication and this will turn normal cars into smart cars. This is brilliant as within a year, Tata’s popular cars such as Tiago, Hexa, and even SUV Harrier are going to be transformed into smart cars. BSNL has confirmed through Economic Times that it has already supplied five lakh SIM cards to Tata and another shipment is in the pipeline. The number of the next shipment is going to be as high as ten lakh SIM cards.

This revolution is here to cope up with the 5G revolution that will take place within a year’s time. The cars of Tata will then have their cars up to date with the newest features. Everything transforms when we talk about smart cars. The entertainment system becomes an infotainment system, there are positioning systems, fuel management is better and all of this happens because your car is connected to the internet. This Internet of Things revolution in cars is going to change your experience.

The telecommunication companies will also have a hay day because of this. BSNL is going to get INR 20 per month for a single SIM card which when converted into a year’s money crosses INR 1,200 crores in revenue for the company. This is the reason the government-owned company is looking into this business and will look to grow.

-Unmesh Phule

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