Bluzelle to transform the database system by decentralizing it

Data in today’s day and age has a different kind of importance. It is the most wanted thing in the world and the form of it has been changed from what it used to be. The word data is more synonymous to the internet and the digital form than it is to the physical form of it. Everything is online and if not, it is stored in the digital form on personal computers or mobile phones

The other thing that has a lot of attention is the cloud service. The cloud service is something which helps us free our storage in the computers, mobile phones or any other devices. Our data is poured on the internet so that we can use our space on the computer to fill in with more data which will also go on the cloud at some point or the other. This database is sometimes paid for and sometimes free but mostly it is a paid service which users use. It is like buying a new space near your house to store some excess things you own.

Amazon and Microsoft are the dominant players in this market. They have a huge centralized database which covers most of the cloud. However, the problem with the centralized database is that it is prone to a lot of attackers. If the attackers enter the database the whole data is available to them. The security provided to these databases is huge but if someone manages to breach it then the whole cloud will be available to that person and the data available will be beyond measurable.

That said, Bluzelle, a Singapore-based company has a unique idea to tackle the problem of security. Bluzelle is a company started in 2014 and mostly works on blockchain technology. The idea that Bluzelle has to decentralize the system. That is instead of storing data on a single database there will be a lot of databases around the world. This is a great initiative as, if a hacker gets into the system then he will only have the data of a small section instead of the whole cloud.

The other thing that Bluzelle has is using data as currency. That is to give customers control of their own data instead of someone else handling it. Bluzelle allows its users to manipulate their own data and most of the times one doesn’t use up the entire storage space and this can be used by others. A person has a computer, mobile phone or a gaming console that has a lot of storage space. One doesn’t use the entire storage space so the unused space can be rented out to others for use.

It is like you have an upper floor of your house which you don’t use so you have rented it out to someone else for the time being. This will help people monetize their data space and also have the ability to control it. This is one of those unique ideas which can make a huge difference to one of the most exploited features on the globe. To use this feature though, one has to download the Bluzelle software and start sharing their space. Although it is very new, it will get bigger and better.

– Unmesh Phule

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