Blockchain Enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Launched

Samsung has now launched a blockchain enabled version of its flagship Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, allowing customers to store cryptocurrency like bitcoin on their phones. The company has so far announced four different Galaxy S10s and four Galaxy Note 10s and now comes out with a ‘blockchain-branded’ variant of the Galaxy Note 10 to pull in customers who might have been holding out for a ‘crypto-currency-focused’ flagship device.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, this Galaxy Note 10 variant, which is only going to be available in South Korea, will be marketed as the ‘KlaytnPhone’, named after a blockchain platform made by the ‘blockchain arm of Kakao, a South Korean messaging company’.

The KlaytnPhone will come with a crypto wallet and blockchain apps built-in. It will also give users a ‘certain amount’ of Klay, the cryptocurrency made by Kakao.

Built around the decentralized web or Web 3.0 — they use a peer-to-peer network to send and receive information. This means data doesn’t need to pass through servers controlled by internet and technology firms, essentially handing back people control of their data.

The electronics manufacturer has shown a keen interest in the growing arena of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Thus this recent move can be seen in the context of the tech giant’s escalating interests in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as it plans to make its digital wallet app available even on the lower variants of the smartphone, thereby pushing the crypto features to newer limits or jurisdictions.

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