Beware! The Google Pixel 4 is Easy to Steal


Imagine someone stealing your phone and using it without any difficulties! Yes, the thief can unlock the phone without any issues because this phone can be unlocked by your face lock data even with your eyes closed. This means that even if you are asleep and someone picked up the phone without your permission, she/he can unlock the phone without you coming to know. This is a major flaw amidst the enhanced technology that the device can recognize a face irrespective of the users’ eyes being open or shut. Yes, this phone is the Google Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 is the recent release from the internet giant. It has been a huge upgrade from the last Pixel 3 series. It has added a special Radar chip for capturing the hand gestures which let the users use the phone without even touching the phone. Although the technology isn’t perfect yet, it is a big first step towards a newer use of smartphones as we know it.

Having said that, it still is probably one of the biggest disappointments of this year. The phone features a huge forehead chin that is nowhere to be seen in almost all the premium smartphones in the market and is considered to be outdated. Although the software experience is very good as usual but so is on any other premium device. Most of the mid-range phones are also delivering similar performances at around half the price.

Moreover, the camera is also not that impressive like it used to be in the previous Pixel models. The pixel series was known to be one of the best camera performers in the market due to the superior software rendering on the photos by none other than the makers Google. However, now the market has accepted a newer lens and sensor i.e. an ultra-wide-angle lens that would accommodate a wider perspective for the photos. This helps the users take a better and bigger picture of landscapes or even group photos with many people. Somehow, Google decided to ditch the wide-angle camera and go with the telephoto lens apart from the normal lens.

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