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Best Premium Robot Vacuums Of 2020

Robot vacuums have taken the world by storm. Once a luxury tech product, these floor-bound companions are now available from hundreds of brands at various price points. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the best robot vacuum for your home. Here are our picks for the best value robot vacuums.

iRobot Roomba s9 Plus

Sure, a robot vacuum makes cleaning your floors a heck of a lot easier. But, you still have to empty the dustbin just about every time you run it. With its Clean Base and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, the s9 Plus is the latest model from the esteemed company that’s capable of literally vacuuming without having you lift a finger. Just say “Alexa” or “OK, Google, ask Roomba to start cleaning,” and your s9 Plus will start cleaning.

In addition to being one of the most user-friendly robots you can buy, the s9 Plus adopts a new D-shaped design to allow for better edge and corner cleaning. Naturally, it’s outfitted with the latest tech under the hood — consisting of a new 3D sensor in the front bumper that enhances Roomba’s wall detection, a more powerful cleaning head, and intelligent mapping. While the s9 Plus is expensive, its performance and features are top-notch. If you want the best of the best in terms of robot vacuums, the s9 Plus is the way to go.

Neato Botvac D6

You can easily set the Botvac D6 to clean your entire home or spot clean a specific section of a room. Once set up, you can check in on the bot to schedule tasks and similarly receive notifications as rooms are cleaned via the Neato app. You can store up to three different floor plans, making the D6 the ideal robot for a three-story home. The D6 comes with magnetic strips to set up boundaries around the home or apartment. You can also create virtual “No-Go Lines” in the Neato App that tells the robot which areas to avoid.

The Botvac D6 has a laser-based navigation system, which allows it to scan and map your home and even clean in the dark. It has a large main brush that picks up pet hair and small debris, and an ultra-performance filter to trap allergens. The battery life on the D6 is pretty good too, at 120 minutes, and it has a quick-boost charging feature to let it charge as much as it needs to finish the job.

Shark Ion R85

Whether you need a quick sweep or a full home detail, the Shark Ion R85 is your best bet for getting the house spotless. A spinning self-cleaning center brush and two side brushes work in unison to tackle everything from big carpeted bedrooms to hardwood living spaces. Shark’s Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 is the vac’s guiding eye, helping it to weave around furniture and other obstacles.

Download the Shark app (iOS and Android) to monitor your Ion’s current cleaning, create schedules for automated vacuuming, and adjust performance settings. Best of all, the R85 is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands to power your vac on and off.

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

The Roborock S5 is an all-in-one vacuum, mop, and whole-home detailer. On the vacuum end of things, the S5 is equipped with Roborock’s 3D cleaning system, which allows the vac to act like a mini-tornado, sucking in all nearby dirt and debris. The S5 can seamlessly traverse multiple floor types and can clean for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. We’re also big fans of the self-adjusting brushes that kick up the spin speed to 330 RPMs when approaching tight corners. When the S5 moves away from a tight spot, the brushes go back to a steadier 130 RPMs.

For mopping capabilities, the S5 uses a sensor-driven water tank that only shoots out water when cleaning, so no need to worry about watermarks on your carpet. The mop head itself is wrapped tightly to the vac, so you can expect mostly streak-free mopping across multiple terrain types.

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