Best Budget E-bike in India Launched by Spock


Spock Electric Bikes

Li-ions Elektrik Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of the Spock Electric Bikes. It is one of the first companies in India to launch a fully locally designed electric bike in India. The interesting part is the affordability and functionality of the bikes that make it very attractive for a bulk of the Indian consumers. The bikes by Spock are priced at 65,000 Rupees and are targeted towards the urban markets.

India is one of the largest markets in the world especially for technology and related products. Since the country is huge with over 1 billion people, the demand for personal transport is also one of the highest in the world. Although there are quite a lot of personal transport options in the country, most of them add to the issue of acute air pollution. India suffers from an acute problem of pollution, especially air pollution and a major reason behind that is the huge number of personal transport in the cities.

Electric Mobility for a Safer Future

Electric mobility can offer much-needed relief to the urban area in terms of greener ways to travel. Moreover, using an electric bike is more economical as compared to traditional petrol/diesel vehicles. In recent years, electric mobility has really taken off in India. However, the major issue is the cost of the vehicles. The quality of the vehicles are satisfactory but most of the vehicles are unable to attract the Indian users on the basis of value for money. Spock seems to have acted on the issue and launched their bikes at a relatively cheaper price that might attract a huge number of Indian users looking for a greener mode of personal transport.

Indian Delivery Personnel

Spock, according to the founder is actually designed for the first mile to last-mile logistics personnel. Keeping in mind, the massive growth of the Indian e-commerce sector and even the food delivery sector has grown to a mammoth size with the top players such as Swiggy, Zomato and Food Panda. The Spock bikes will be equipped with a big rear cargo box that is thermally insulated to help the food delivery personnel to work optimally in any weather condition.

Long Ride Battery

The USP of the bike is the battery. The company claims that the 72V 40AH Lithium battery can assure a maximum of 130kms on a full charge if ridden at economic mode, whereas, it can give up to 100kms on a full charge it ridden on power mode. The distance is quite good considering it is designed to be used in the cities where the travel distance is generally short. Moreover, these will be used by the delivery personnel who have to serve an area of usually 3km to 6km and not more. The best part is the charge time. Spock executives claim that the batter can be charged fully within 3 hours, which is a very short time and the batteries are swappable as well. The user can take the battery out and charge it inside their home, office or anywhere else away from the bike.

In terms of the power generated, the bike is powered by a BLDC Hub motor with a peak power of 2.1kW and continuous power of 1.2 kW with 230Nm of maximum torque to move the vehicle at a top speed of 45kmph. This is specially designed keeping in mind the Indian city driving conditions. The bikes will also come with GPS and USB charging ports within for a smart and connected life of the urban citizen nowadays.

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