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Best 4K Televisions Under $500 Budget

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Generally, it is perceived that you must spend thousands of dollars on a high-quality 4K TV. Fortunately, even if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of vibrant 4K TVs to pick from. While premium televisions deliver jaw-dropping image quality, excellent technology has trickled down to even the most affordable options. Our favorite 4K TVs under $500 will impress anyone upgrading from an older 1080p television.

The best 4K TV under $500:

55-inch TCL 6-Series

TCL has fast become one of the leading television manufacturers. Its a recipe for success? A partnership with streaming titan Roku that sees its flexible Roku OS smart software bundled on all of its latest televisions, offering customers instant access to a bottomless collection on-demand content through leading providers like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu right out of the box.

Priced to cater to budget shoppers, the TCL 6-Series has no trouble holding its own against more costly alternatives from rivals LG and Samsung. This isn’t a bare-bones 4K Ultra HD viewing experience. Far from it, in fact. There’s Dolby Vision HDR, which is used to draw additional detail from supported content, and voice control for hands-free navigation.

65-inch Vizio V-Series

What Vizio provides with its 65-inch V-Series is a 4K display with Dolby Vision HDR, capable of producing a wide range of colors across the picture. It’s also got a full array backlight screen, allowing for better contrast and blacks compared to an edge-lit screen.

The Vizio has plenty of features to make streaming movies a breeze, including built-in Chromecast support, Apple AirPlay 2, and voice control to toggle between content without using a remote. Vizio’s interface isn’t our favorite TV operating system, but it still does plenty to give you everything you need to stream freely.

The V-Series comes with three HDMI inputs, a single USB port, as well as ARC, Analog and Digital Audio outputs, setting it up well as a versatile addition to your home theater.

55-inch LG Nano 8 Series

The original MSRP for the LG NanoCell TV priced it just out of this list, at $599. But the TV recently dropped by $100, and that can only mean good things for budget-minded gamers.

Not to downplay the LG 8 Series’ other features, like local dimming or a quad-core processor, but a few features in particular stick out for gamers. The screen has what LG describes as an “Intense Black” canvas, meant to create an immersive experience for gameplay and to bring out more of the hidden details and color on your screen.

The 8 Series also has Auto Low Latency Mode, designed to deliver impressive graphics with minimal stutter at fast speeds. With input lag widely regarded as one of the biggest annoyances of modern gaming, this feature positions the NanoCell TV as a solid gaming option.

65-inch TCL 5-Series

The main thing to look for when buying a 4K TV for sports is a 120Hz native screen. Here’s the kicker: That’s more of a high-end feature that’s reserved for costlier TVs, so those looking for something with similar performance for less than $500 should expect a screen that’s capable of achieving a 120Hz refresh rate through a combination of software features that reduce motion blur.

The TCL 6 Series possesses that feature, so the best TV on our list would technically be our pick for best TV under $500 for sports. The TCL 5 Series has a 60Hz refresh rate, but seeing as its otherwise near-enough the same and is currently identically priced for 10 extra inches of screen, we think it’s a better buy. Just like the TCL 6-Series, the TCL 5-Series has a slew of features that are ideal for tuning in to the latest sporting event, like Roku OS smart software.

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