Bang Good needs to improve its service to have a better future in India


India has travelled a great distance from being an offline only country only a decade ago, to one of the largest e-commerce market in the world. Local giants have performed very well and they have attracted foreign players to the market increasing the competition.

Bang Good is one of the few Chinese e-commerce platforms delivering in India. Its performance has not been praised; instead, it has been criticized for various reasons. Users have claimed that the platform sells a lot of counterfeit products or products that look good online but are undesirable after delivery. Other fellow Chinese players that either operate locally or deliver the products are Ali Express and Club Factory.

Indian consumers are so engrossed in the two largest players Flipkart and Amazon that others seldom get a chance to serve a large number of customers. Flipkart is the largest player and this attracted the largest offline retailer in the world, Walmart to acquire 77% stake in the country by shelling out over $16 billion.

Amongst the e-commerce giants operating in the Indian market, the smaller players anyway have less chance of success than anywhere else in the world. However, anomalies are there and there are string reasons behind that. Club Factory deals in fashion apparel and they are the fastest growing platform in India. They are close to catch up with Flipkart and that too in very short time as compared to the Indian giant. The reason behind this success is its focused customer base approach and top of the line service. Bang Good has not been performing well at all because they lack a clear vision of the Indian market. The products are cheap and not of good quality. Moreover, they do not have a USP. An E-commerce player will be popular is it does something different and better than the most such as very cheap products, very high quality products, ultra-fast delivery or something like these.

Apart from the product qualities, the customs department is a big hurdle too. The products orderd from the platform needs to pass the Indian cutoms too to reach the consumer. Many products does not get clearance from the

-Soumya De

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