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AWE-struck in Shanghai: AWE 2019 is one of the world’s largest home appliance and consumer electronics show

AWE 2019 in Shanghai

China is one of the technology superpowers in the world. Over the past few decades, China witnessed the rise of some of the world’s largest technology giants on its territory. The technological advancements in the country and fairly good per capita income has led the whole economy to be a tech-heavy, which in turn fuels the technology-based companies in the country.

To keep the spirit of innovation and bring together the top global minds from the industry together, China hosts one of the world’s largest tech expo in Shanghai every year. The Appliances and electronics World Expo in short AWE 2019 is being held in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC). The scale of the event can be guessed by the amount its hosts needed for hosting and that is over 135000 square metres of space in the SNIEC.

This huge expo is a signal to the world from China that they are the leaders of the technology manufacturing industry across the globe. They have the innovative and manufacturing prowess to lead the changes in the home appliances and consumer electronics industry. Last year, the expo witnessed over 292000 visitors whereas this year it is estimated to cross 350000.

The expo is being used as a global stage for the home appliances and consumer electronics brands in China to showcase their products to the world. Below are some of the latest launches and revelations as reported directly from AWE 2019, Shanghai:

Casarte is a luxury home appliances brand in China. It is considered for the elite only due to its uber-luxury and high price. Casarte’s design, intelligence and smart ecosystem are unrivalled. It has launched Air Washing technology that gently takes care of high-end and smooth comfort giving fabrics.

The First Fiber Washing Machine “Integration” in Casarte has 4-in-1 solution to multiple washing needs. It truly fits with their motto of Luxury and Quality to Achieve Artistic Lifestyle.

Born in 1978, the Marlboro refrigerator has always pursued technological progress and quality improvement. In the past few years, three large factories have been set up and invested 4 billion yuan. The Marlboro of the future, dedicated to being a life butler.

Hand in hand with Ali Baba Dharma House, Konka’s AI technology is worth looking forward to.

Hisense OLED product presents perfect picture quality in detail expressive force, sharpness and movement picture fluency.

Reconstruction of science, technology and ecological is the need of the hour. The Home Appliance Development Summit Forum has clarified the development direction of the home appliance industry in the future. This has to keep in mind the environmental degradation and work towards its protection.

The sound refrigerator is not only a feeling but also a technical guarantee. Sister Wang Ming-ts’s first refrigerator advertisement was – Rong Sheng, Quality Assurance.

Shanghai AWE witnessed Tata’s representatives to be true gentlemen. They came to AWE for the first time from India and praised the exhibition.

Television technology is developing in leaps and bounds. Laser 4k television is a cross-border product of fusion projection and television technology. The ultimate product is closest to flat display so far. It breaks the screen limit.

Haixin OLED TV solves 6 big technical defects; the technology is more mature, the picture quality is better.

Without the core technology, how far can Yunmi, which depends entirely on OEM?

-The less core technology, the more they have to rely on OEMs.

AI is the essence of the future. IOT has to ability to link every technology now. In 2019, TCL’s globalization accelerated. As the world’s second-largest brand by sales, TCL will be available in most of the countries in the near future.

Haier: Customizing the Good Wisdom Life, Starting with Haier

Wisdom Security, Wisdom Air, Wisdom Water, Wisdom Food, Wisdom Washing, Wisdom Family Whole Scene Solution. As a sample of global intelligent life, Haier’s Smart Family Eco-brand is worth looking forward to.

The expo is so awe-inspiring that it almost seems unrealistic yet so realistic as one can touch and feel the new advancements in the technology sector. The technology companies are making real efforts to make the common consumers feel elevated and show them a glimpse of what the future has in store.

-Soumya De

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