ATM Hacking Tools Available in Dark Web

Hacking services and tools are among the most attractive commodities in the underground market, and there are various ways to avail them. The most interesting place where it is possible to get in touch with hacking communities is the Dark Web or Deep Web.

The latest tool on sale on the dark web will allow an amateur hacker to crack an ATM can in 15 minutes. Earlier in the dark corner of the World Wide Web, one needed to know the basics of it to buy such things. But according to a cyber-security startup CloudSEK, the sellers on the dark web are offering the latest ready-made tools like malware cards, USB ATM Malware and more to hack these machines, making the job easy for any individual.

A security researcher at CloudSEK Rakesh Krishnan, reveals that ATM Malware Card which includes ATM Malware Card, PIN Descriptor, Trigger Card and an instruction guide is readily available on the dark web. Once installed, it captures all card details stealthily. The amount can be withdrawn using a Trigger Card, which dispenses the cash. Another prevalent method to dispense cash is by infecting the machines using a Malware-hosted USB drive.

The role of hackers has changed over the years, in the past, these professionals were viewed as dangerous criminals that needed to be kept at arm’s length, meanwhile today they are highly sought from private companies, intelligence agencies. However, with the skills a random hacker possesses, they will always remain a threat to the technology ecosystem.

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