Asus ProArt One, World’s Most Powerful Laptop will put any Workstation to Shame

Asus ProArt One

Asus, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer has unleashed its technological prowess in terms of computer manufacturing and has created a laptop that can take up any job thrown at it with ease. It seems as if it cuts through the butter like a hot knife when it comes to the heavy graphic intensive works such as 3D rendering, 4K and even 8K video editing and playing the high-end gaming titles at high settings.

The superior graphic power comes with the inclusion of the Nvidia’s Quadro RTX 6000, a 24GB GPU. Moreover, the laptop is powered by the latest Intel Core i9 2.4 GHz Octacore processor and 32 GB of RAM. Overall this, it also contains 1 TB of SSD storage and is topped off with a 15.6-inch 4K screen. These specifications blow even the laptop at the second position out of the water.

Talking of the power in such as mobile device, one should always think of the thermals of the laptop. Such heavy graphic intensive work generates a lot of heat and that is quite unbearable by the laptop and also the user. To counter this issue, Asus has very cleverly placed the heat-generating parts at the back of the screen that has a huge vent that opens up when the laptop is opened. This allows for better airflow as compared to many other laptops in the market and this ist helps in keeping the device cooler.

Since the Asus ProArt is the most powerful laptop in the world right now, the price will not something that will be called affordable. The Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 GPU itself comes at a staggering price point of $3500 to $4000. This indicates the total cost of the laptop somewhere north of $6000, placing it out of most people’s reach.

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