Artificial Intelligence to transform a whole new business with Talkwalker AI Engine

Artificial Intelligence is winning the world right now. It has managed to transform many businesses and many technologies in the world. We can find computers doing a lot of work for us but there are regions where computers weren’t used until today. The data region where artificial intelligence couldn’t really find a breakthrough. But that is now a thing of past as AI has finally managed to enter the big data analysis and is going to transform it.

In September of 2018, Talkwalker introduced a new Artificial Intelligence Engine, an engine that would transform the social data analytics. The Talkwalker AI Engine will come to the rescue of PR and Marketing professionals as they have automated the social data analytics. This Engine helps them focus on brand insights rather than picking their brains over much complicated Booleans.

The AI Engine has its way with the data. It manages to handle the data more methodically. As the automation has thrown out the analytics process out of the window, the users can focus on meaningful insights that actually help them get the much-needed brand results. This helps the users in a massive way as big data has managed to gain some popularity.

The Talkwalker CEO, Todd Grossman, had a few words to mark this achievement. He said, “The launch of Talkwalker AI Engine shows our commitment to offering cutting-edge functionalities that make a difference to our users. We’re not just significantly reducing time spent on manual tasks, such as data cleaning, classification, and segmentation, but also enabling communications professionals to find more relevant brand insights faster.”

This enables us to make the AI experience smoother and more intuitive for our customers, ensuring that any Talkwalker user is able to use the full potential of AI, regardless of technical knowledge,” Grossman added. Talkwalker is no doubt a leader when it comes to enabling the users to find the most accurate brand insights at scale. With this AI Engine, they have taken it a step further within their own Analytics platform.

Some of the key features of the AI Engine:

AI-Powered Sentiment: The name says it all. You can actually emulate human emotions with this feature of the AI Engine. One can depict emotions to the scale of irony and sarcasm into the understandable metrics.

Visual Insights: This feature goes hand in hand with the image recognition. The social images are compared with over 30000 brand logos which enables users to know the expansion of their brand on social networks, blogs, and many more platforms.

Custom AI Models: You can customize the AI Engine as and however you want. This reduces the stressful algorithmic method of going through different Booleans. One can effortlessly create clear and high-quality data projects.

A pharmaceutical company had a taste of this technology and the false positive results were down by 45%. On the other hand, a telecommunication company increased the number of relevant results by a staggering 250%.

– Unmesh Phule

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