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Aqara Launches Smart HomeKit Secure Video Camera

Aqara is launching the latest addition to its lineup of smart home accessories with a new indoor security camera. Doubling as a Zigbee hub, the new device packs 1080p recording alongside HomeKit Secure Video functionality and more. The latest addition to the Aqara lineup is now available for purchase at Amazon. Its new Homekit Secure Video camera enters with a $69.99 list price.

The latest release from Aqara delivers yet another HomeKit-enabled product, but this time brings the very first camera into the brand’s lineup. Entering as the Aqara HomeKit Camera G2H, you’ll find a compact design suited for indoor use that stands out from the competition with a handful of unique features.

For those in the Apple smart home ecosystem, support for HomeKit Secure Video is sure to be the standout feature here. Integrating right into the rest of your Siri setup, you’ll be able to benefit from feeds right in the Home app alongside cloud storage, more in-depth controls, and added privacy features.

On top of its camera functionality, Aqara’s HomeKit Camera G2H also doubles as a hub for connecting other devices from the brand into your setup. Much like you’ll find with its existing siren, built-in Zigbee functionality means you can pair sensors, smart plugs, and more directly to the camera. Aqara already makes some of the more affordable accessories out there, and having the ability to expand automation and other functionality with that lineup will definitely make the G2H a compelling option to consider.

There’s also 1080p recording capabilities with a 140-degree field of view alongside a microSD card slot for local storage to round out the notable features.

As with Aqara’s existing product lineup, you won’t need to actually use the brand’s own app and can add it directly to Apple’s own Home app. Though for taking advantage of the built-in Zigbee hub functionality, you will need to rely on Aqara’s app to get started. But then all of the accessories will show up alongside the rest of your HomeKit setup.

Moreover, the product also offers a unique function, Event Timeline, on the Aqara Home app. It records and marks all triggering events of Aqara sensors and controllers that connect to one’s home, and displays such events on a configurable timeline so that users can check all events by a click on the timeline without fast-forwarding the footage.

Founded in 2016, Aqara is a leading smart home provider with offices in New York and Shenzhen. They provide comprehensive smart home products and solutions that are beautifully designed, affordable, and easy to use. Its products range from a variety of sensors to switches, curtain controllers, and door locks, and we have opened more than 400 Aqara Home stores globally to provide more personalized smart home solutions.

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