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Apple’s Annual App update pattern outdated

Technology is no more a crucial part of people’s lives; it has taken the shape of people’s lives. Humans are surrounded by technology round the clock starting from a fitness band to smartphones to computers all the way up to the large mobile towers, antennas and even the satellites in Orbit. Technology has become so embedded in our lives that there are certain associations of people who are now demanding the Internet to be a basic right just like clean air, clean water and education.

Looking at the commercial part of technology, there are huge corporates that control most parts of the technology sector. Countries such as the US, China, India, Japan, South Korea and the European continent are the ones leading the race. The most prominent technology that has taken the world by storm and revolutionised the way we perceived technology is the smartphone. It is a beautiful combination of numerous devices such as telephone, radio, music players, camera, calculator etc. The origin of this device is traced back to the most valuable US company, Apple. They launched the first ever iPhone in the year 2007. The phone ran on iOS, which is unique to the company.

However, it was quickly completed by a Taiwanese brand HTC, which run on the US tech giant Google’s OS, Android. Since then, there has been a constant fight in the tech community regarding the superiority of these two platforms. The loyal Apple fans praise iOS, whereas the Android users claim Android to be far superior. The age-old fight between the two greats of the technology industry has been over numerous issues. One of the most contested topics though would be the regularity of the app updates.

Apple users seem to be happy with the overall user experience but numerous issues upset them too. People spend most of their time on their smartphones nowadays. In the smartphones, they have various apps for various purposes and those apps need regular updates to stay fast, and bugs free.

Apple iOS’s biggest rival, Android releases their core apps’ updates quite frequently and there is not much hype about the same. Most of the app updates have been announced via simple blog posts or events alike. They come on a regular basis and gradually improves the performance.

Whereas, Apple has always been a staunch believer in showmanship as was the idea of Steve Jobs. The company organizes a one-day annual event, which is a gala event and there Apple announces the update for all its core apps. This showmanship result is huge public and media attraction but the users suffer by not having the necessary updates when required. Keeping one specific day fixed for launching some updates creates chaos among the developers to complete within a deadline.

This model of launching updates once every year on a special date is now outdated and needs reforms just like that of Google’s. The need for some major update can arise every now and then. This asks for a regular update apart from the major OS version update. Google separated its core applications from its Android version updates and sends in the crucial updates independently. The Apple users’ long wait is undesirable especially for those who are always stuck with their phones. It is not in the consumers’ interest to launch updates once in a year. The outdated strategy needs to be revamped and made more user-friendly.

-Soumya De

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