Apple TV needs to be different if it wants to be successful

Apple MacBook with iPhone and a camera

Apple’s new bundle of services are a shot in the dark. This is how it looks like as the company is entering markets which are so crowded that there is hardly any place to breathe. There are some markets right now which are a novice and the company could have exploited any which way. However, it has decided to hit the markets which have zero tolerance when it comes to failure.

Apple has entered the OTT market, the news-sharing market and also the payments market. The fact that all these markets have big players for years is something to look after. That being said, Apple TV has to be something different from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Roku and Hulu as well. There is Disney and Warner Bros entering the OTT market and almost every country has its own market leader because of the regional languages.

The only thing Apple has in its kitty at the moment is the 1.4 billion users. Apple has a lot of users and this makes it easier to get its app to the people. And this is the reason Apple isn’t hesitating while launching a new app as they have 1.4 billion people to use it. The Apple ecosystem is something which will make everything unique but Apple TV still needs to be different in their subscription plans and creative with the content.

The originals won’t hit the screens until fall but channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz are included in the Apple TV already but there needs to be some authenticity. This is because Roku also offers the same as you can watch all the channels from Roku but Amazon Prime has a different way of showing its content. Prime offers videos through its own app as people have to watch everything from the Prime Video application.

That is not the case with Apple as we don’t know how it will look. But as of now, Apple TV channels will be free of cost only the third party apps will cost more. The same way Roku operates. Prime, on the other hand, offers a subscription to all its content at a decided price which is a bit like Netflix. Apple has not been able to bring Netflix in its channels lineup which is a bummer. Although, Apple TV is working hard so that people won’t have to leave the app to watch a certain type of content and everything will be included in the app.

This is all we know, the app will be in place of the existing Apple TV application and the prices are not known yet. The huge news came out yesterday was that Apple TV is not available for Android users which mark that Apple is ignoring the entire user base of Android and is looking to not cozy up to its rivals Google.


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